World Environment Day: The best eco-friendly resorts in the world

Arushi Sakhuja
June, 5 marks World Environment Day, and with the growing concern around mitigating climate change, it’s only right to pledge to lead a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. Adopting an environmentally-conscious approach involves changing one’s lifestyle.
Sustainable travel is one of the newer concepts in the environment space. According to research done by travel platform, while 87 per cent of travellers want to travel sustainably, only 39 per cent are able to do so. For half of them, the top way of travelling sustainably is to travel to eco-friendly accommodations. So jump on the bandwagon as Luxebook takes you through the best eco-friendly resorts to visit if you plan to leave a positive impact of your travels. 
Svart, Norway
Svart, Norway
Photo Courtesy: Svart
Located within the arctic wilderness of Norway’s Meløy, Svart shines bright above the crystal-clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord, at the base of the glacier. Lit by the Northern Lights in the winter, you can feel a sense of tranquillity and calm, as you take in the natural scenery of Norway. Opened in 2021, it is the first energy-positive hotel and aims to reduce its yearly energy consumption by 85% compared to other modern hotels, by using solar energy. Adding further to the sustainable promise is their aim to preserve nature and greenhouse farming. The breathtaking surroundings, unspoiled nature, and the committed environment-focused vision certainly make an experience at Svart a memorable and transformative one.
Soneva Kiri, Thailand
Soneva Kiri
Photo Courtesy: Soneva Kiri
If beach sides and tropical vacation destinations excite you this hidden gem set amidst the tropical rainforests and surrounded by gorgeous beaches, is the ideal combination of eco-friendly and luxury. Soneva Kiri in Thailand has developed a Carbon Calculator to monitor the full footprint of its operations; from energy consumption to food, paper, waste and water. What’s more? They even have a wine cellar with organic and biodynamic wines making up more than 50% of the collection.
El Nido Resorts, Philippines
Photo Courtesy: El Nido Resorts Phillppines
With four resorts in Palawan, El Nido Resorts Philippines is known for its sustainable approach. Living by a green ethos, their belief lies in offering sustainable menus and nature-based activities which are low in carbon footprint and high in natural and cultural experiences. Going a step further they also use renewable materials in construction, believe in green design and architecture, strong community partnerships and guilt-free luxury in unbeatable tropical biodiversity.
Jetwing Surf, Sri Lanka
Jetwing Surf
Photo Courtesy: Jetwing Surf
Sri Lanka’s first eco-luxury surf resort, Jetwing Surf is built on an unspoilt stretch of beach in Pottuvil, beyond Arugam Bay. Designed by the upcoming architect John Balmond and inspired by seashells, the natural structures are made of wood, woven coconut palm leaves and dried illuk grass. The property has also taken the bold move of natural ventilation throughout the property and rooms to ensure a minimum carbon footprint. Further, wastewater is biologically treated to protect the natural habitat.
Bambu Indah, Bali
Bambu Indah Bali
Photo Courtesy: Bambu Indah
Budget-friendly, yet super stylish. With its handful of hand-carved teak houses and bamboo ‘tents’ set among the treetops, Bambu Indah is known as Ubud’s eco-friendly boutique lifestyle hotel. Offering visitors a taste of sustainable living with touches of modern luxury, there’s a natural green swimming pool surrounded by volcanic rocks. You can also indulge in a natural experience such as bathing in the freshwater pools, eating on bamboo leaves, and using papaya stems as straws.
Azulik, Tulum 
Aqua Villa Azulik
Photo Courtesy: Azulik
Looking to disconnect from the hustle-bustle of everyday life? Then it’s time to reconnect in a place where nature, art, and ancestral wisdom coexist. Situated on the island of Tulum, Azulik has 48 villas built in harmony with the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea. With no electric light, A/C, or television, their ideology is all about spending time amid nature. The villas of Azulik Tulum were designed to create an atmosphere for rest, with limited technology to reduce its impact on the environment and to reconnect with the surroundings.
Whitepod, Switzerland
Photo Courtesy: Whitepod
Photo Courtesy: Whitepod
Looking for luxury and sustainability all in one? Whitepod is the answer! A unique luxury experience at an altitude of 1400m, Whitepod is located in the Swiss Alps- a destination which in itself is luxurious. Featuring 18 luxurious “pods” and 9 suite-chalets, this hotel proves that hospitality and environmental conservation can coexist. The impeccable pod designs will make you fall in love with the property in one go, but what’s more is that each pod is heated by a pellet stove, which makes this hotel’s form of heating sustainable. With limited access to transportation in the area, it reduces the harmful environmental impacts.
LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives


LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Photo Courtesy: LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives
LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Photo Courtesy: LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives
LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Photo Courtesy: LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Another sustainable resort nestled in the stunning location of Maldives. Similar to a faraway tropical island, you instantly get transported into a dreamy world once you land here. Housing the world’s largest solar system floating at sea, the resort uses a unique technology called Solar Sea that gathers solar energy directly from the ocean to power the island in an eco-friendly fashion.
Further, being the first resort in the Maldives that is vegan-friendly their promise towards sustainable living begins right there. Plant-based menus, zero waste weddings and an opportunity for guests to adopt a coral frame and plant it on their reef, make this a must-visit destination.
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