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February 27, 2024

Yoga, workout and healthy meals, that’s how Sussanne, Malaika and Bipasha start their mornings

Pratishtha Rana
Since March 2020, people around the globe had no choice but to stay locked in at their homes due to Covid-19Our lifestyles changed. Work from home gave us that extra time to make early mornings more productive. And for a lot of us, the day doesn’t start without a cup or two of refreshing, strong coffee or chai 
This routine now gets a splash of style, thanks to the new collaboration of Starbucks with fashion brand, The Label Life’s Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu. Called The Optimist Series, it is a range of artsy drinkware and merchandise dedicated to the simple joys of mornings. It includes mugs, cups, notebooks and pouches – everything one needs handy in the morning! Buy here 
The Optimistic Series Drinkware
The Label Life x Starbucks – The Optimistic Series Drinkware
Please tell us about the drinkware collection with Starbucks.
TLL style editors: An ode to joyous mornings, The Optimist Series celebrates the coffee making routine – the familiarity of the flavour, the warmth of the mug in our hands and that first delectable sip. For the design of the collection, we were inspired by the Art-Deco movement and the cups and saucers have patterns of sun-bursts, star-lights, prisms and golden glamour on them.
What are your favourite pieces in this collection?
Malaika: My favourite from The Optimist Series is the Black Sun Rise Optimist mug because I love the Art-Deco rendition of the rising sun. It reaffirms my faith in the power of new beginnings.
Sussanne: Because I love Gothic homeware and architecture, I own a lot of black and grey pieces, and so, the White Sun Burst Optimist mug is a gorgeous offset to styles I already own.
Bipasha: I find the pouch and the notebook very chic, handy and perfect for me as I am always on the go. It also holds a special place in my heart as it is handcrafted with the help of specially abled children from DARE School & Athulya Paper Studio of Srishti Charitable trust, Munnar.

How do you start your mornings?  
Malaika: Given the long pause we all had in 2020 (the lockdown), I turned to yoga even more. I practiced it to keep the internal optimist in me alive during the unprecedented times. Yoga allowed me to make time for myself before I sit down to plan my day. That’s my morning ritual.  
Bipasha: I love starting my mornings with 20 peaceful minutes of guided meditation on my terrace. It gives me time to set my intentions for the day.  
Sussanne: Every morning, I spend 1.5 to 2 hours working out and that is my meditation.  
 How do you usually like to unwind post work?  
Sussanne Khan / Courtesy The Label Life
Sussanne: I draw clear-cut boundaries between work and play. I like to log off at sharp 6.30 pm, post which, I spend much needed quality time with my boys, Hridhaan and Hrehaan.  
Malaika: My friends are like family to me. So, few times a week I go over at their place or they come over at mine. The pandemic really taught us to cherish these close-knit bonds.  
Bipasha: As everyone probably knows, I take my fitness very seriously. A big part of keeping fit is having a healthy diet. I usually take the hours post work to prep my meals for the following two days. Organising processes really help me declutter my mind. 
Navin: For me it’s listening and singing old Hindi music. Musical evenings spent with friends are something I really look forward to. 
What is luxury to you?  
Sussanne: Luxury is time. And the pandemic sure gave us a lot of it!  
Malaika: For me, luxury is anything that inherently feels good. It could be a wholesome meal, a day spent with my son, or even taking Casper (pet dog) for a walk.  
Bipasha: Luxury is indulging yourself – anything that propels you to do something that involves loving yourself. 
Navin: Luxury to me is unique yet perfect amalgamation of comfort and elegance. It is more about complimenting one’s personality, rather than overpowering it. 
As style editors and face of The Label Life, how do you stay creatively inspired?  
Malaika Arora / Courtesy The Label Life
We are constantly inspired by our customers and the lives they lead. Since all of us were home during the lockdown, it brought forth the need for home essentials, athleisure and loungewear, all which we launched as an extension to our existing offerings.  
The Label Life’s ethos is elevated living. To sustain this philosophy, we ensure to stay connected with our patrons to understand their desires and in continually experimenting with chic, relevant, covetable styles and silhouettes.   
How do you think the consumption of luxury has evolved since the pandemic?  
With the world spending more time indoors, the essentials category gained precedence. Luxury brands adapted to the evolving needs and demands of customers by launching casual daily essentials and venturing into comfortable apparel and homeware by marrying comfort and utility with design.  
What does this collaboration with The Label Life mean to Starbucks?  
Navin GurnaneyThis truly is a special collaboration as it promotes our mission of uplifting and supporting local communities and homegrown brands. While globally, weve had the privilege to partner with Kate Spade, Rachel Zoe and Vera Wang, in India, this collaboration with The Label Life marks our debut in the field of fashion and lifestyle.  
The Label Life x Starbucks – The Optimistic Series Drinkware
What is the role of Srishti Charitable Trust and DARE School in this collaboration?  
Navin GurnaneyThe differently gifted children join DARE School (Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education) between 3 to 5 years of age and when they are 18, get rehabilitated into one of the many different units at Srishti. The joint association with Srishti Charitable Trust, supported by TATA Consumer Products & TATA Trusts (a centre for the education and empowerment of the special children and young adults of Munnar), has helped us to develop a range of handcrafted essential accessories.  
This reinforces our commitment to inspire our employees, customers and the community we serve, to create a positive change 
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Pratishtha Rana


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