TikTok approved Beauty trends
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Arushi Sakhuja
There are already thousands of TikTok approved beauty trends, but the hype doesn’t seem to die down. Every single day, people are discovering new must-have products, re-discovering old favourites and uncovering new skincare trends that will transform your skin. TikTok viral beauty trends feel more like blink-and-you-missed-it moments—which always keeps us scrolling for more. Here are the three beauty trends going viral on TikTok right now. 
Lip blasting  


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Peeling and chapped lips are a nightmare! Whether it’s the extreme weather, not drinking enough water or licking your lips too often lip balms just don’t cut it. Hence the latest TikTok-approved beauty trend we’re digging is lip basting. Lip basting is a quick method to exfoliate, moisturise, and revive chapped lips, leaving you with longer-lasting nourishment.  The trend is a hack used for dry lips and works by layering a chemical exfoliant on your lips followed by applying an emollient to lock in the hydration and leaving them overnight. Whether you pick a lip oil, lip mask or lip balm, this is a quick fix for peeling lips. This method is better than using physical lip scrubs which can be too abrasive. But if you have sensitive lips, we recommend avoiding this hack and sticking to gentle lip slugging. Coined by NYC-based dermatologist Shereene Idris, the catch is to use a chemical exfoliator over physical scrubs to achieve that soft, smooth, and healthy pout. The ideal number of times to practice the trend should be two to three times a week.  
How to do it:  
Start by exfoliating your lips with a chemical exfoliant. After exfoliation layer on a thick emollient to lock in the hydration.  
Siren eyes 
TikTok approved Beauty trends
Photo Courtesy: Jennani Cole /Instagram
A TikTok beauty trend that has been much loved is siren eyes. O popular winged liner looks that are both soft and smudgy. Siren eyes are slightly more dramatic, darker around the rims of the eyes, and flicked upwards at the outer corners for a narrower cat-eye look. Siren eyes are used to express the trend of sultry, feminine energy. It’s both mysterious and captivating to look at. Those who have almond-shaped eyes have an advantage when it comes to recreating this look, but for those who don’t this method elongates, narrows, and lifts your eye shape all at once. While the term might be new celebrities like Bella Hadid and Meghan Fox have been sporting the trend for a while.  
How to do it:  
The key to the look is to mix eye shadow and eyeliner, to create a smudgy-sharp smoky cat-eye. Start by applying lighter colours and then use a fluffy brush to apply that taupe base, concentrating more of the colour on your lash line while blending upward and outward to begin the wing. 
Then, use brown or grey eye shadow, smudge the colour along the upper lash line, and continue to blend up and out like you would with a traditional cat eye. Then blend the eyeliner into the shadow you previously created.  
To finish things off use eyeliner and follow the shape of your upper lash line to intensify the look. 
Coquettecore beauty 
TikTok approved Beauty trends
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One of the new Tiktok approved beauty trends aesthetics that is causing a sensation on TikTok is Coquettecore beauty. Pastel pinks, lace, bows, and blush galore, the coquette beauty trend is flooding the web blending innocence and coquetry. You can’t get more girly than this!  It-girls Hailey Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo all are rocking the new trend, and the #coquettemakeup look has garnered over 100 million views. 
Inspired by pretty, romantic elements, this trend celebrates an ultrafeminine style and pays tribute to the romanticism of the 19th century. The coquette aesthetic pairs playful pink makeup hues with accessories like bows and pearls. Defined by the dictionary as “a flirtatious woman,” the coquette makeup trend leans into old-school femininity. The look is characterised by a radiant complexion, siren eyes and fluttery lashes, a dramatic blush and slightly overlined lips with a highlighter –soft, pearly finishes go seamlessly with this aesthetic.  
How to do it:  
Begin with prepping your skin by opting for an illuminating primer and a foundation that offers sheer coverage.  
Next, move on to the eyes. Choose a shimmery, nude or neutral colour eyeshadow and dab a little on the lids. However white and shades of pink match the aesthetic perfectly.  
Complete the look with some dreamy eyelashes, dramatic blush application, and a pearly effect with highlighter and glossy lips.  
Micro Beauty
Micro beauty
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Garnering 1.1 billion views, Micro Beauty is a Tiktok-approved beauty trend that is here to stay. Taking inspiration from the micro bag trend in fashion, going short is in. From micro bangs to short manicures and bobs, we’re saying goodbye to long luscious locks and stiletto nails. Goodbye length, it’s micro beauty’s time to shine in 2023. On Valentine’s Day alone, short nail Pinterest searches spiked by 2,500 per cent – and it’s only natural that that’s also being reflected on TikTok.


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If you haven’t heard of skincycling, the term was coined by New York City dermatologist Whitney Bowe, who recommends that, instead of applying the same skincare products all of the time, you give your skin some rest days. The idea is that it gives the ingredients in your favourite skincare products time to work. Plus, by strategically alternating products, you can get a more fully rounded skincare routine. Skin cycling is a skin-care routine that allows for rest days during the week so that your skin can repair itself after using certain ingredients. The classic skin cycling schedule usually is a 4-day cycle that works as your blueprint. It’s your flexible framework that you can adjust to meet your skin’s needs as they change. The process has proven to be beneficial to help treat a number of skin issues and minimizes irritation.
How to do it:
Night one is for exfoliating, followed by the application of a retinoid on the second, with complexion recovery on nights three and four. According to board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, your skin will get the most out of night two.
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