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June 24, 2024

A chef as little as one’s thumb is cooking up a storm at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

Le Petit Chef, world’s smallest chef, is one-of-a-kind dining experience happening for the first time ever in India, in Grand Hyatt hotel, Mumbai.

Le Petit Chef

The little chef is as little as one’s thumb and is a dining experience that combines food with cinema, theatre and technology. The digital-mapping concept was developed by Skull Mapping in Belgium in April 2015. A video of a microscopic chef projected on to the diner’s plate takes you through an immersive culinary journey while preparing various dishes right on your table. It includes creative visuals, which show the journey of the items on the menu right from the raw material sourcing till the finished product being presented to the patrons. After a specific recipe’s video is realised, the servers bring an exact same dish for the guests in realistic portion sizes.

Le petit chef

Some of the dishes included are the classic Bouillabaisse, a fish stew that originated from the port city of Marseille in France; and an aerated Valrhona Dark Chocolate, a chocolate-based dessert that is made using the premium luxury French chocolates.
Aerated Valrhona Dark Chocolate
Aerated Valrhona Dark Chocolate
Le Petit Chef uses cutting edge 3D visual technology and effective storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes. The mood, music, table patterns, props and decoration all change with the chapters of the story to immerse the diner into one continuous 3D projected tale. It is a unique and new concept where the little chef follows famed traveller Marco Polo’s journey on the silk route. The concept has also been showcased in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia among others, before finally finding its way in an award-winning Italian restaurant Celini at Grand Hyatt Mumbai.
Burrata cheese with Heirloom tomatoes, arugula leaf, balsamic glaze, garden basil, baby raddish and truffle oil Salad


The experience will end on March 20. The six-course meal is available at a starting price of ₹6999.



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