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June 21, 2024

A glittering evening at the historic Wallace Museum Exhibition

Anshu Khanna
On a crisp autumn evening in London, an event of historic proportions unfolded at the prestigious Wallace Collection. The grand museum, steeped in history, became the stage for an exhibition that transcended the boundaries of time and space, showcasing masterpieces from Shiv Narayan Jewellers that left everyone witnessing it in awe. The occasion was graced by one of India’s most respected philanthropist, Sudha Reddy, who played patron to an evening.
The event unfolded in October, when the hallowed halls of the Wallace Collection bore witness to a gathering of European nobility, British glitterati, and renowned Indian faces in London. It was an evening that blended the past with the glamour of the present, and at its heart lay an exhibition of unrivaled beauty and significance.
A celebration of art and craftsmanship
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Sheetal Mafatlal and Ramneek Sawhney, Photo courtesy Anshu Khanna

To celebrate astounding accomplishments and share award-winning jewels with the world, Shiv Narayan jewellers, in collaboration with the renowned philanthropist Sudha Reddy, recently hosted a champagne reception at the iconic Wallace Collection in London, a national museum renowned for its unparalleled collection of painting, sculpture, furniture. The museum provided an exquisite backdrop for the event. The air was filled with excitement as attendees gathered amidst masterpieces that had witnessed centuries of history, waiting to be introduced to another set of masterpieces from a different corner of the world.
Michelle Muscat and Tushar Aggarwal, Photo courtesy Anshu Khanna
As the evening unfurled, Shiv Narayan Jewellers presented a selection of jewelry that had secured its place in history by breaking a staggering number of eight Guinness World Records. Mr. Kamal Kishor Agarwal, Chairman of Shiv Narayan, noted the intrinsic connection between the craft and history: “India is the land of mystical jewelry making. Our nawabs and maharajas, with their indulgent eye, worked with few, handpicked jewelers who created such a rich reservoir of design that is beyond imagination even today. My family worked for the Nizam, and in their patronage, we created such a strong design and craft vocabulary that is holding good stead for us and is practiced by our artisans even today.”
The pieces showcased at the exhibition were not just jewelry; they were works of art with stories that spanned from mythology to indulgent, near-decadent classics. The “Lord Ganesha pendant,” for instance, earned a Guinness World Record for the heaviest gold pendant ever made and the most diamonds set on a pendant. The pendant, adorned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and high-quality emerald beads, was designed to represent self-realization. A stunning “7-line bridal necklace” featured Zambian emeralds and English Polki, while “The Ram Darbar” achieved world records for the heaviest pendant and the most diamonds set on a pendant, with diamonds inscribed with Sri Ram (Lord Ram) even on the back.
The elegance of these pieces was equaled only by their historical significance. Each record-breaking jewel had its unique tale to tell, echoing the rich heritage and artistry that India has nurtured for generations.
Sudha Reddy and Tushar Agarwal, Photo courtesy: Anshu Khanna
Sudha Reddy shared her admiration for the brand and its dedication to the craft: “Not only are their pieces linked to our rich history and mythology, they also keep a large atelier of very skilled artisans alive. I applaud their dedication to their art.” Her presence served as a reminder of the enduring connection between art, culture, and the preservation of age-old traditions.”
Princess Katriana of Yugoslavia. Photo courtesy Anshu Khanna
The evening witnessed the participation of leading celebrities, including Fazia Seth, Freddie Toye, Princess Katriana of Yugoslavia, and Sudha Reddy herself, who added an aura of elegance to the event.

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