A new, multi-purpose cooking tool, ANAORI’s Kakugama is an epitome of Japanese innovation

Schenelle Dsouza
Born from the Japanese culture, Anaori’s philosophy is rooted in a tradition of living in harmony with nature. Their expertise in carbon graphite technology goes back half a century with properties including wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and electrical conductivity.
Photo Courtesy: Anaori
Blending tradition with innovation, the Japanese brand unveiled a breakthrough design for restaurants all over the world. Representing elegance and functionality, the Anaori Kakugama is a timeless piece helping chefs reach culinary perfection.
Anaori redefines timeless minimalism with this brand-new cooking tool from a solid block of carbon graphite. Multifunctional yet simple, this product goes back to the essentials of living with nature.
Photo Courtesy: Anaori
Within the carbon-graphite block is the imo-gata, a rounded bottom pot that was popular until the middle of the Edo period (1603-1868). Combined with the higher heat retention, the imo-gata minimises the cellular destruction of cooked ingredients, thus enhancing the flavour of each ingredient.
Photo Courtesy: Anaori
The Anaori Kakugama is compact and can be placed on a countertop without occupying too much space and can be used for grilling, simmering, poaching, frying and steaming. A hinoki cypress lid locks in umami flavour.
Photo Courtesy: Anaori
The cube is accented with chamfered edges inspired by Japanese tea ceremony architecture. The device’s advanced conductivity makes it compatible with induction heat and gas, as well as the oven.
Photo Courtesy: Anaori
Founder, Eiichi Anaori became increasingly compelled to facilitate a connection to nature by introducing the versatility of carbon graphite into our everyday lives. And so, he partnered with chef Hirohisa Koyama to infuse the ethos of Japanese cuisine into the development of the kakugama.
The Anaori Kakugama is available in two variants— a 3.4-litre and a 5.1-litre variant costing $2,490 and $3,490 respectively.
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