Adapting to the new normal The Quorum launches its second private members-only club in Mumbai

Schenelle Dsouza 
After launching its first club in Gurgaon in 2018, The Quorum has launched another private members-only club in Mumbai, making it their second club in India altogether.
Spanning a total area of 56,000 sq. ft. spread across two floors, The Quorum’s Mumbai club is located in Lower Parel’s One World Center which is owned by Nucleus Office Parks. The launch of the Mumbai club marks the start of The Quorum’s expansion plans in the country creating a dual city network for the club, as it becomes the first homegrown private member’s club brand in India. Vivek Narain, Founder & CEO, and Sonya Jehan, Co-Founder & Creative Director, are the brains behind the brand.
LuxeBook talks to Vivek Narain about the recent opening of the Mumbai club, its membership and perks.
Vivek Narain – Founder & CEO of The Quorum
What is the conceptual philosophy behind the launch of The Quorum Mumbai club?
Conceptualised with a global sensibility, The Quorum’s launch in Mumbai is perfectly timed to address the question on the mind of many – what does the future of office-going, socialising, and events look like, in the new normal? The Quorum in Mumbai, like the flagship in Gurgaon, aims to introduce and further extend its unique blend of hospitality and philosophy of being community-led, content-driven, design-focused and experiential, to a discerning Mumbai audience. We look forward to welcoming a whole host of interesting people, engaged in interesting professional and personal pursuits.
It is mentioned that Quorum is designed as a ‘quintessential third space’, what is this and how will Mumbaikars be drawn to this concept?
The ‘third space’ concept refers to a home away from home, a place of work away from the office. In a time of continuing uncertainty, The Quorum has a unique social contract with its members, providing a predictable safe space for business and leisure. Mumbaikars– or rather anyone across the country– will hopefully be drawn to this concept as it will allow them to socialise and begin building networks, but with the complete peace of mind, knowing that the space they’re in is run by like-minded people, with safety and security at the core of all operations.
What is The Quorum lifestyle that the people of Mumbai will be exposed to if they choose to become members?
As at its Gurgaon location, The Quorum in Mumbai will put members at the centre of a unique and curated series of experiences. This includes world-class events that piece together unparalleled thought and leadership with a programming calendar across a spectrum of art, fashion, literature, current affairs and more. An exciting F&B program, Café Reed, an open-to-all café will launch in September. A robust and engaging art program with Artery India, an art intelligence and asset advisory firm, that is responsible for carefully-curated investment grade artwork that will be on display and available for purchase around The Quorum. Members will also have an option to host private corporate events and social soirees across the club’s transformative event spaces.
The Quorum
The Member’s Lounge at The Quorum Mumbai
In an ever-changing world of entertainment, how will The Quorum adhere to or rather reshape the new normal?
The new normal is people wanting to come back out and connect with others, with actual physical contact after an 18-month deficit. There’s been a lot of digital content creation and consumption but now we’re fatigued and ’zoomed out’. There’s also been a severe cultural deficit – whether it’s theatre, music, or live performances, cultural content has definitely been super under-served. There will be a lot more cultural content that’s going to come out now and it will need a platform. The Quorum, both in Gurgaon and Mumbai, gives the creators of such content a much-needed space to interact with live audiences. Our clubs give The Quorum Community their safer sanctuary within intimate settings, where culture and human connection can be brought back into their lives.
How does one become a member of The Quorum club?
Our criteria focuses more on where you are going rather than where you come from. We look at each membership application along with our membership team, led by the management. Fortunately for us, today a lot of people have a big digital footprint, so we can ascertain quite quickly if they will be an appropriate fit. Fundamentally, what we are looking for is interesting people doing interesting things – the X factor of ‘hustle.’ What’s more, 40% of the membership in Gurgaon has come from referrals. We believe that there is no substitute for that. In fact, we are in the repeat and referral business.
The Quorum
The Gallery at The Quorum Mumbai
What amenities/programmes will guests get from their membership at The Quorum in Mumbai?
Members of The Quorum are given access to a well-curated group of like-minded, engaging individuals, monthly programmes and events that span a multitude of topics and interests. These include reciprocal access to over 50 of the world’s best private clubs, an active Perks Program that provides special offers and first-look access to new brands and launches. Most importantly, a welcoming safe space, a much-needed environment after the impact of Covid.
The Quorum
The Den at The Quorum Mumbai
Since The Quorum is a chain with two clubs in India, what exclusive features do each of them offer?
To maintain quality, standards and consistency, we offer similar features and experiences across both clubs and will do the same for future clubs that open across India, as well. That said, no club can function in a new city without a local touch. In the Mumbai club, for instance, we have incorporated a variety of local, tropical plants as well as a range of vintage books found solely in the old bookstores in Mumbai, into our library. What is entirely new to the Mumbai space, is The Business Quarter, our co-working space that is collocated to the club and its facilities.
The Quorum
The Den at The Quorum Mumbai
How is The Business Quarter in the Mumbai Club different from other elite clubs in India?
Designed to inspire creativity, The Business Quarter (TBQ) is a premium co-working space, tailor-made for individuals and organisations. Along with fully serviced offices and business suites with excellent interiors and hospitality services, it also provides access to The Quorum lifestyle, allowing you to elevate your work life.
Apart from India, what are some of the other exotic The Quorum Club locations where members can enjoy amenities/programmes?
Through a strong reciprocal program, members of The Quorum have access to over 50 of the most sought-after private members’ clubs across 27 countries around the world. Some of these include The Core Club in New York, 1880 in Singapore, The Groucho Club in London and New York, The Battery in San Francisco, 39 Monte Carlo in Monaco, and many more. We believe there is great value in a reciprocal program like ours, which allows our members to feel at home in our clubs across the world.
The Quorum
Area for Talks at The Quorum Mumbai
What are your visions for the future? Do you plan on opening any more clubs around India any time soon?
With Gurgaon and Mumbai being covered, we have set our sights on cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad which are next on our development trail. As the lines of work, play and lifestyle are getting blurred, we see an opportunity to create spaces in leisure destinations that are designed to ergonomically fit work and socialising.
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