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June 19, 2024

Add some festive colour to your home with Jaipur Rugs’ new, travelled-inspired carpets

Jaipur Rugs, a brand that’s known to hand weave magic into carpets, has launched an exquisite collection called Reminiscence. The collection has been released in collaboration with Ahmedabad-based architect Hiren Patel, Founder of Hiren Patel Architects, and also an artist.
The collection is a reflection of Patel’s personal stories of travel, new learnings and exciting experiences, which he has created in a series of paintings. These masterpieces on canvases have been transformed into handwoven rugs. The weaves lend these articles a more earthy, tactile character.

Patel, who is an avid traveller has put on canvas his inspirations from his journeys to Uttarakhand, Bali, Sri Lanka and Paris. “Through these paintings, I have tried to recreate a few special moments and experiences that I have had over the years. But the challenge with paintings is that one cannot touch them too much or too often, but rugs are a more tactile medium of expression,” says Patel.
He adds that converting these paintings into rugs has given people an option to have a work of art under their feet.
These rugs have frozen in their yarns, moments and memories that the artist had experienced, which can enhance a space’s design narrative. Patel has handpicked only those paintings that would suit, both, contemporary classic designs.
Coffee In Bali
Coffee In Bali
“We are always looking at new ways of pushing the envelope with our design language, and I am thrilled to see how well the rugs have turned out,” says Yogesh Chaudhary, director
Hiren Patel's paintings, which have been converted into rugs
Hiren Patel’s paintings, which have been converted into rugs
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Manicured Sri Lanka

“From my visit to Sri Lanka, I learnt that we humans are inspired by nature — we create our own nature in the form of gardens. Just how rocks and stones add value in nature, the art objects and sculptures add value to the garden. Here, I have created both in one composition. It begins with the manicured garden in Colombo with inanimate elements from my home and then it merges into mother nature.”
A Trek In Barsu
A Trek In Barsu
“The blooming of the pink lotus flowers today morning took me back to the time I went for a summer trek to a quiet village called Barsu in Uttarakhand. There, I had seen a sea of fragrant flowers.”
A Quiet Night In Paris

A Quiet Night In Paris

“Backpacking across Europe, the monuments and greenery are two essential elements in the continent’s urban setup. The city’s lights and busy roads at night in Paris transform the city into a beautiful plaza that one can’t stop admiring. It is at dusk that the architecture of such cities comes to life.”
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