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Aditi Rao Hydari launches Nebula from Titan’s luxurious 18k gold timepieces

Ruhi Gilder 
Studded with diamonds, inlaid with lapis lazuli and covered in 18k gold, the watches from the Nebula Collection by Titan are definitely for special occasions. Launched in anticipation of the festive wedding season, the timepieces have been ideated to complement the traditional ensembles of the bride and groom as well as guests.  
The range was introduced by none other than the regal Aditi Rao Hydari, whose go-to accessory has always been a watch. Kalpana Rangamani, Chief Marketing Officer, Titan Watches says, “Nebula is the most premium offering from Titan that brings together expert watchmaking and the grace and grandeur of 18KT gold. With unique designs inspired by the art forms and architecture of India, Nebula offers a range of unique and elegant designs for men and women.” 
Nebula’s “Pair Watches” showcase natural stones in finely cut dials. ‘Zavar,’ a watch embedded with Lapis Lazuli is brilliant in its blue hue. The ‘Ukrit’ watches are inlaid with Malachite, a precious green mineral with unique striations. Another highlight from the collection is a feminine piece, named ‘Azarin’ which is inspired by the Deccan era. A red stone is skilfully cut in a floral pattern while the gold bracelet strap is studded with uncut diamonds and other precious stones.  
Ukrit by Nebula from Titan
Ukrit by Nebula from Titan
In an exclusive conversation with actress Aditi Rao Hydari, LuxeBook narrated her love for watches, and her sense of style.  
Can you tell me about the new Nebula collection? 
 I am really happy to launch the Nebula collection by Titan. It’s a brand that is synonymous with luxury, everlasting memories, and it is timeless. With intricate detailing and embellished with diamonds and precious stones, these watches are opulent and elegant and perfectly accessorise all my outfits for a wedding. It’s inspired by various parts of Indian heritage and culture, whether filigree or calligraphy or the Deccan or jewellery of the Deccan. 
Zavar by Nebula from Titan
Zavar by Nebula from Titan
Which are your favourite pieces from the collection and why? 
All the pieces in this collection are timeless and exquisite. There are three pieces that I find absolutely stunning. The one I am wearing has emeralds and diamonds (Aditi wears the Parisa from Deccan Treasures watch), there is another with rubies and diamonds and a third with jade and rubies. The translation of inspiration from an iconic structure like the Falaknuma Palace – its architecture, especially the fountains – into design, is breath taking.  
Azarin by Nebula from Titan
Azarin by Nebula from Titan
Tell us about your love for watches. 
I have grown up seeing my grandmother and a lot of people in my family wear very beautiful vintage watches, and they wore them with the most classic Kanjeevaram sarees and beautiful old textiles. I am one of those girls who loves to wear watches, my go-to accessory. I may not wear earrings, but I’ll always wear a watch. Quite often at weddings I wish that I could have a timepiece on me, but they often don’t match with what you’re wearing. I find that the Nebula Collection watches are so beautiful, they look like jewellery. I would happily wear this to any wedding to any function where I am wearing traditional clothes. I would even pair it with anything else I am wearing, because I like to mix things up.  
How would you define your wedding sense of style? 
My wedding guest sense of style is more heritage-based, timeless and classic. I love traditional Indian clothes and so this particular collection makes me very happy because I have something to wear with these clothes. I also love pieces that are timeless, that can be passed on from generation to generation because they are so beautiful, that they would be relevant at any point in time. I like fashion that outlives any of us.  

What kind of watches are part of your everyday collection? 
In my everyday life I tend to wear large chunky watches. I also like vintage-style watches, I often look for old watch or will rummage through my grandfather’s stuff to find a timepiece I can wear. Though, recently I have been doing some work that’s required me to wear tiny, pretty watches that look like jewellery, and I’m thinking ‘why don’t I bring watches like that into my own personal everyday style?’ 
Samar by Nebula from Titan
Samar by Nebula from Titan
What does luxury mean to you? 
To me luxury is what you feel, so something that makes you feel special and makes you feel beautiful and makes you feel luxurious, is luxury. I think it’s not about what somebody else thinks of luxury, only how you feel when you put it on your wrist, or when you wear it. Something that is timeless, something that has history and culture, that to me, is luxury. 
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