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February 24, 2024

All about the Kansa wand

Schenelle Dsouza
Before the Kansa wand became popular, massage tools such as gua sha and jade rollers were ruling the internet. But the Kansa wand is actually one of the oldest facial tools in India. It is a tool people have sworn by, allegedly ever since the Bronze Age.
Dr Rashmi Shetty
In a conversation with LuxeBook, celebrity dermatologist and Founder & Creator of Sol Skin Corp, Dr Rashmi Shetty talks about the benefits and origin of the Kansa wand.
What it is
Kansa wand
Kansa wand
A Kansa wand is a facial massaging tool that has a wooden handle and a tip made of Kansa metal which is basically a combination of copper or bronze and tin.
Affect on pH levels
The Kansa metal is believed to help balance the pH levels of the skin. “Bronze, which is usually used for cooking food and storing water, is known to be quite beneficial as it neutralizes the pH level making it more alkaline,” says Dr Rashmi. Because of this theory, the Kansa wand is believed to have the same effect on the skin, wherein it neutralises the skin’s pH while increasing blood circulation and reducing puffiness through lymphatic drainage. However, Dr Rashmi believes that there isn’t sufficient study to back this theory.
Kansa and Ayurveda
Unlike other facial tools, the Kansa wand is one of the oldest and a very important part of Ayurveda. The metal in the Kansa wand is believed to contain all the magic power. It stimulates blood circulation, which results in smooth, clear and radiant skin. More importantly, the Kansa wand is said to balance the three doshas, which helps improve the body’s ability to heal.
How to use a Kansa wand
The Kansa wand works like any other facial massaging tool. However, stimulating the marma points (pressure points in the body that release energy upon stimulation) with the Kansa wand first is believed to optimise the benefits of the Kansa wand.
Photo Courtesy: Kansa Organics
With minimal pressure, start with clockwise and anticlockwise rotation in between your eyes (the third eye), the centre of your forehead, temples, the sides of your nostrils, above your cupid’s bow and the tip of your chin. After this, you can use the wand as you would with any face massager, in outward motions, moving from the centre of your face that is your nose, mouth and ears, moving downwards to your neck.
It is imperative that one use a facial oil on their skin before beginning with the Kansa wand. Doing so allows the wand to glide smoothly without causing any excess pressure or bruising. While traditional Indian methods suggest using a saffron-based serum or oil, Dr Rashmi notes that any kind of oil will suffice.
The Kansa wand works like any other face massager, and can be used by pretty much anyone. While it does help aid in lymphatic drainage which improves acne, using the wand on any active acne, blackheads or any kind of breakouts might only worsen the skin.
Another important note is to never use too much pressure when massaging the skin. Although the Kansa wand is fairly lightweight, using too much pressure can cause bruising of the skin tissue.
Different Kansa wands available in the market
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House of Beauty
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