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April 15, 2024

Aman Hotels launch a fragrance collection inspired by its breathtaking locations

Aman hotels has been offering its guests a transformative experience at its breathtaking properties since 1998 and is now taking that experience to another level through the inauguration of the Aman Fine Fragrance collection.
A range of five sophisticated and gender-neutral scents, the collection is inspired by its unique property destinations from deserts to jungles, islands, cities and the Earth’s apothecary.
The 50ml eau de parfums created by master perfumer Jacques Chabert, provide a sensory journey bringing back memories of Aman for old patrons while bringing new ones into the fold. The scents are free from phthalates, artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehyde.
Vladislav Doronin, Chairman and CEO of Aman comments, “The Spirit of Aman is an emotion that can be felt at each of our hotels and resorts. The otherworldly locations, the unique experiences and the connection with the landscape play a role in this feeling that is difficult put into words. In launching Aman Fine Fragrance, I feel that we have answered the call of our most devoted guests who have personally expressed their desire for such a range, and I hope that in turn we can evoke contented memories of time well spent in our destinations.”
The five scents are named after words from different languages that describe the feel of the destination that the fragrance draws its inspiration from.
Aman Fine Fragrance, VAYU.
The first scent Vayu, the ancient Sanskrit word for wind, is inspired by a sense of escape, the fragrant frangipani and tuberose, and pristine white sands of Amanpuri, Thailand. A reminder of summer freshness, crashing waves and the drifting succulence of citrus, its top notes are bergamot, lemongrass and coconut. Body notes are tuberose, jasmine and aquatic notes white it has musk and sandalwood as its base.
Aman Fine Fragrance, AYOM
The second one, Ayom, is derived from the Indonesian word meaning sheltered. It defines a memory of warmth and intimacy in a far-off place and is inspired by Amanjiwo, Indonesia. The scent is deep and dramatic, reminding you of jungles and floral depths. It has bergamot, cardamom and elemi as the top notes, ginger, juniper and jasmine as its body, and oakmoss, cedarwood and musk as its base.
Aman Fine Fragrance, UMBR
Umbr, the third scent inspired by Aman Venice, Italy, is named after the Latin term for shadow. A rich and layered fragrance that combines the depth of oak and leather with precious moments of spice, the scent spells out Venetian opulence. Its top notes are black pepper, rose and Safran; body notes of Nargamota Cypriol, orange blossom and geranium and amber, leather and sandalwood as its base,
Aman Fine Fragrance, ZUAC
Inspired by Amanjena, Morocco, Zuac draws its name from a Berber word used to describe a mixture of colours. The scent is rooted in the Moorish architecture of Marrakech and its surrounding warm desert landscapes. Inspired by the colours of the Red City and its ancient Medina, the scent combines warm ochre with drifting spice through its top notes of pink pepper, bergamot and tangerine, body notes of clove buds, Bay St Thomas, saffron and leather. It has a base of frankincense, labdanum, vetyver and patchouli.
Aman Fine Fragrance, ALTA
A future Aman venture, Aman New York opening in 2021 serves as the base for Alta. The word Alta translates to high in Latin which evokes the rich architectural history of New York and the imposing city-scape. Its top notes are juniper berries, saffron, cardamom and caraway, with body notes of cedarwood, geranium, cypriol, orris and leathery notes. It has a base of labdanum, musks, patchouli, vetyver and sandalwood.
Each fragrance bottle, designed by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, reflects the associated Aman destination through the subtle use of personally selected tones inspired by the resort’s local environment, surrounding nature and culturally significant hues.
Handcrafted in Japan from Paulownia wood, the fragrances are enclosed in a box, with each scent stored behind its own uniquely patterned laser cut lid. The ornately designed reusable case is a reflection of traditional Japanese design principles of wrapping that use an exquisitely textured Takeo paper made in Japan.
Available online via the Aman Shop and in the resort boutiques, the five-scents are ready to order now, with two-further scents set to launch in Spring 2021.
Orders can be placed on their website.
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