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June 21, 2024

Anaita Shroff Adajania on the 2022 bride & groom

 Payel Majumdar Upreti
Bollywood’s favourite stylist needs no introduction. Known for dressing celebrities from Deepika Padukone in Cocktail, to Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi, Anaita Shroff Adajania was styling brides and grooms at DLF Emporio and The Chanakya for the Couture Weddings 2022, held from August 29-30, along with Tanya Ghavri and Florian and Hurel. The three made a powerful trio at the event. Hurel is known for her makeup and hair for film stars and leading lifestyle magazines.
Couture Weddings 2022
Couture Weddings 2022
Adajania advised scores of brides and grooms-to-be on their wedding looks and helped them pick their outfits for D-Day from bespoke collections available at the DLF Emporio and The Chanakya. LuxeBook caught up with her for a freewheeling chat on the 2022 bride and groom, styling tips for the upcoming wedding season and more,
How is the 2022 bride styled differently than a couple of years ago?
I think brides today are more mindful. Earlier, brides wore everything that was in their wardrobe whether it was necklaces, earrings, maang tikka but now a bride is making decisions on her own. She is allowing her taste to play an important part, rather than her mother or designer deciding what she should wear. So, I think it’s more free and evolved.
Are western weddings having an influence on Indian weddings?
I think the wedding industry has changed. I’m not sure if it’s the western weddings but I know that when I started working at Vogue, a lot of our international brands only had gowns. And in fact, I remember. Kalyaani Chawla who worked at Dior, kept using these beautiful gowns in shoots and saying, I hope people buy these. I said don’t worry, by the time we are done, this will become a function in itself and that’s what’s happened right? Our weddings are evolving because the couple also wants to have a western look. So, there’s the red carpet party or the youngster party which has become a rock chic event. I think our weddings are evolving regardless of western weddings. It’s just what’s happening naturally.
Couture Weddings 2022
Couture Weddings 2022
Styling tips for Indian brides and grooms?
My styling tips are not fashion-related, but they are personality related. Be true to who you are. It’s very important that you look like yourself on your wedding day. Don’t try to copy anyone else. Be assertive when you are choosing your clothes, your hair and your make-up look. Also, pick the right innerwear for your clothing because that’s very important. Keep a touch-up look. Your best friend must have your lipstick, your perfume, your chewing gum, safety pins, band-aids — a little pouch that’s always available when you need it (and, of course, a shot if you need that).
How are people wearing their hair differently?
Earlier hair and make-up was a given, especially for the bride. You had to have your hair in a tight bun, slicked back hair, and all brides wore red or maroon lipsticks or nail polish. Now, it’s all about making the bride look her best. So, pretty make up. If she’s someone who likes to wear her hair down, I encourage brides to do that. And I think the evolution of maatha patti, the sheesh patti, all of that has changed how we wear our hair at weddings today.
Shoe advice for D-day?
If your shoes aren’t showing, which they don’t under the lehenga usually, make sure you wear platform wedge heels which are slightly spongy. These are comfortable to wear for a longer period. If they are going to be visible or if you are going to have a shoot, then wear your beautiful diamanté stilettos and then take them off. For the groom, I think it’s important to keep your most comfortable sneakers in the car or with a trusted friend so they can give it to you when you need it.
Anaita Shroff Adjania
Anaita Shroff Adajania
Are sarees making a comeback over lehengas?
I wouldn’t say that sarees are making a comeback over lehengas. But the lehenga saree is definitely having a moment, and so are stitched sarees, which make it so much easier for a lot of us who are not comfortable draping sarees in no time. Sarees are very complementary to our Indian shape. But I think lehengas are here to stay as well as sarees.
How does a groom stand out with his outfit for the wedding day?
So the way the groom stands out is by being true to who he is. If he is someone who’s flamboyant, then his outfit should give the same vibe. If he’s someone who’s quiet and likes a more simpler thing, then he should go for something more classic. I don’t think there’s one set rule for this. But, having said that, after meeting a lot of brides and grooms today at DLF Emporio, I feel the grooms are taking a bit of a backseat and that’s not fair. I think grooms can assert themselves a little more. I feel grooms don’t have to stay away from bling unless it’s not their style.
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