Are micro bags worth the hype?

Schenelle Dsouza 
Micro handbags was one (of the many) fashion statements that made absolutely no sense. Impractical, yet so popular, these were spotted almost everywhere, from red carpets to galas and even streetwear looks. And if you thought the micro handbag trend was over think again!
Reigniting the fuel that sparked the micro bag trend, Maison Margiela unveiled the Raffia Tote Bag as part of its SS23 collection. Now Margiela’s micro bag is larger than Lizzo’s famed Valentino Compact VSLING Wallet, but just enough to squeeze in your Apple Airpods case. That’s right, the Raffia Tote measures a total of 7cm x 10cm x 3.5cm. Made from raffia-blend fabric, the design of the bag resembles a classic beach bag, a rather impractical one priced at a pocket tearing US $495.
Maison Margiela Raffia Tote Bag
Photo Courtesy: Maison Margiela
Now impractical as it may be, the bag instantly garnered attention like most micro handbags. So it begs the question, why would anyone spend an exorbitant amount of money on a minuscule accessory that is just for show?
Aesthetic Appeal
One cannot dismiss the visual appeal of a micro bag. With its diminutive size, micro bags have a whimsical quality that calls for attention. These tiny bags complemented by their intricate designs, vibrant colours, and unconventional shapes are seen as a true form of wearable art making them quite the fashion statement. Not to mention they’re versatile. Despite their small size, micro bags can be styled in multiple ways; as a crossbody, a belt bag or even carried as a handheld accessory. They can elevate both casual and formal outfits, adding a touch of playfulness and sophistication.
Collector’s Edition 
Micro bags are usually released in limited collections and given their unique design, these make for a perfect collector’s item for fashion enthusiasts. Fashion collectors see micro bags as investment pieces whose appeal and value can only grow with time. The rarity of these items adds to their desirability, fueling the thrill of the chase for dedicated collectors.
Fashion as self-expression 
Fashion has always been a medium of self-expression, and micro bags are no exception. Despite their lack of practicality, they offer a unique avenue for individuals to showcase their personal style and personality. The choice to carry a micro bag can be viewed as a deliberate statement, an expression of individuality and creativity.
Social Media Trends
And lastly, social media. Social media as well as the influencer culture has played a role in promoting the trend of micro bags. Instagram in particular, has become a platform for fashion enthusiasts and influencers to showcase their styles and micro bags are highly photogenic given their distinct structure and appeal. Influencers and fashion enthusiasts often showcase micro bags in their outfit posts, making them aspirational and desirable for the viewers.
If you’re looking for a chic new micro bag, check out some of our favourites below.
Ferragamo Micro Pouch with Airbrushing
Ferragamo Micro Pouch with Airbrushing
Photo Courtesy: Ferragamo
This vibrant, gradient-hued bag from Ferragamo is the perfect pop of colour for any outfit. It is designed with a geometric shape and features a front flap with a snap button and metal clip. The bag is perfect for small items like credit cards, hair ties or lip balm.
Jacquemus Le Chiquito
Jacquemus Le Chiquito
Photo Courtesy: Jacquemus
One of the most popular micro bags, this Le Chiquito bag boasts a compact, structural silhouette, handcrafted using croc-embossed calfskin in a classic beige hue. The bag features a carry handle at the top and a detachable shoulder strap along with a lanyard clasp fastening and is branded with gold-tone logo lettering at the front.
Rosantica Holli Pocket
Rosantica Holli Pocket
Photo Courtesy: Rosantica
Glamorous inside out, this structured micro bag from Rosantica is a miniature creation of the brand’s famed “Holli” bag. Calling it the Holli Pocket, the bag is embellished with golden metal, clear crystal and of course the iconic pearl handle. Despite its size, the Holli Pocket is a sophisticated accessory perfect for a glam evening look.
Self Portrait Black Python Diamante Bow Micro Bag
Self Portrait Black Python Diamante Bow Micro Bag
Photo Courtesy: Self Portrait
Self Portrait is back with another itsy bitsy handbag. As the name suggests, this micro handbag is crafted from faux python leather giving the bag a structured sheen. Adding its signature glamour, the bag features a contrasting silver-tone crystal-embellished bow in the front.
Versace Medusa Head Mini Bag
Versace Medusa Head mini bag
Photo Courtesy: Versace
Paying homage to its heritage, Versace’s Medusa Head mini bag celebrates the label’s most iconic motifs. Designed in a blush pink tone, the bag is framed with shimmering rhinestones and a Medusa Head plaque making a bold appearance in gold on the front flap of the bag.
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