Arpita Mehta X FDCI Lakme Fashion Week: ‘The mood behind this collection is when a bunch of girlfriends go on a girls’ trip.’

Jade Crasto
Dyson’s hair care technology will make its premiere at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI March 2023, providing stylists with the adaptability, control, and agility required for one of India’s major fashion events. Adhuna, a professional hairdresser, will demonstrate how Dyson hair technology provides full performance flexibility at designer Arpita Mehta’s display on March 11th in Mumbai.
Chidambaresan Krishnaswami – Dyson Engineer, Arpita Mehta – Designer, Adhuna – Hairstylist unveil the looks for the upcoming Arpita Mehta show at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI March 2023
Arpita Mehta will be showcasing her new summer holiday line Lakme Fashion Week. She says, “The mood behind this collection is when a bunch of girlfriends go on a girls’ trip to a beautiful holiday island. The first thing you think of when going on a girl’s trip is, what am I going to wear, how am I going to style my hair? You’re just so excited about it and that’s what the collection is all about. It’s about easy breezy clothing that you can wear from day to night on a beautiful European summer holiday”. Her new collection consists of various silhouettes and shapes ranging from flowy ruffle tops to fitted skirts and corsets and caters to age groups from 18 to 50.
Arpita Mehta
Photo Courtesy: Arpita Mehta
Mehta’s usual style is luxury Indian wear but has now transitioned to a more contemporary collection with a blend of Indian influences. “For this particular show, we’ve done sequences for the first time. It’s a texture that we have never played with before. While we always do mirror work, this time we have included sequenced hand embroidery”.
Arpita’s notion of going glam in a modern way is perfectly complimented by the styles that famous hairdresser Adhuna will create using Dyson’s Professional line. Although Arpita will be on the runway wearing one-of-a-kind outfits, Dyson technology will be hard at work behind the scenes alongside celebrity stylist Adhuna to help bring the catwalk to life.
Photo Courtesy: Dyson
With the help of The Dyson CorraleTM straightener’s ability to generate excellent styles at lower temperatures, stylists may help protect the model’s hair from harsh heat damage. The manganese copper alloy plates, which are machined to the width of human hair, bend to collect hair cleanly, providing stylists with increased performance while using less heat. The tool’s Intelligent Heat Control has an integrated sensor system that regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times per second, ensuring that the tool never exceeds the predetermined temperature. Hair stylist Adhuna says, “As a stylist, I have to work with diverse groups of models with different hair types and Dyson haircare machines have always been my preferred tools for styling fast, and with a range of attachments to achieve different styles. I am looking forward to creating this season’s Spring Summer Looks for the Dyson X Arpita Mehta show at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI using the Dyson Professional range that will not only sway the runway but can also be recreated at home using the Dyson AirwrapTM Multi- styler”.
Talking about haircare Arpita mentions “I think hair is a game changer and a dealbreaker. It’s extremely important to have a good haircare routine and a good hair day is very important for me because I instantly feel confident if my hair is in good shape if it’s not I feel like somethings not right. So it’s very important to have well-done hair and to take care of your hair.” Mehta believes the amount of effort we take to manage our skincare should be equal to the effort we put into hair care. She further states, “I think Dyson has been path-breaking as they have come up with these tools which are heat-protective, extremely easy to use and is something that you can use every day to style your hair without damaging your hair which I think is a big gamechanger. Dyson is known to be a brand that has revolutionized the hair care industry with innovative products which make styling faster and easier and I am thrilled to be partnering with Dyson for my collection Summer of ‘23 at the Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI.”
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