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May 21, 2024

Aston Martin collaborates with Bowmore to launch limited edition whisky that costs ₹49 lakh

In November 2019, British car Maker Aston Martin received its alcohol trademark and announced its partnership with Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky to create limited-edition whiskies.
On August 6, the two iconic brands unveiled the first fruit of their collaboration – the limited edition Black Bowmore DB5 1964.
The rare whisky, which comes along with a genuine Aston Martin DB5 piston is priced at £50,000 (approximately ₹49 lakh) making it one of the most expensive whiskies in the world!
With only 25 bottles for sale, Black Bowmore DB5 1964 is a celebration of time – particularly the year 1964, which was a defining period for both British brands. It is also a celebration of shared values and passion for innovation and invention.

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For Bowmore, the arrival of a new steam boiler replaced coal fires and the first distillation from this resulted in the iconic Black Bowmore, a sublimely rich and decadent single malt.
First distilled on 5 November 1964, this latest release represents only the sixth bottling of the 31-year-old single malt. Since 1993, only around six thousand bottles of Black Bowmore have been made available, thus adding to the desirability of this whisky.
David Turner, Distillery Manager at Bowmore commented “1964 represents a significant date in the modern history of the distillery. Not only a key moment in how we distilled our spirit, but perhaps even more significant as this very spirit went onto create Black Bowmore. These defining moments are fundamental to the history of Bowmore. This collaboration with Aston Martin has allowed us to once again showcase this iconic single malt in the most incredible way.”
black bowmore db5 3During the same period, the Aston Martin DB5, which was launched in 1963, catapulted to fame as it was the preferred vehicle for the world’s most celebrated secret agent, James Bond in the movie Goldfinger (1964).
The increased engine capacity to 4.00 litres over its predecessor made the DB5 a sporting saloon, which, combined with its exceptional styling, helped it to become one of the most desirable and admired sports cars of its generation.
Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda, said: “This exciting new association with Bowmore gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate a vital part of our star-studded history by combining the unrivalled appeal of the iconic DB5 with the cultured flavours of this world-renowned single malt.”
The Black Bowmore DB5 is packaged in a bespoke glass bottle manufactured by Glasstorm. Each bottle took nearly a week to be completed. The presentation box, crafted in calfskin, is inspired by the distillery’s coastal home.

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