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April 19, 2024

Biggest contemporary art auction by AstaGuru features works of Atul Dodiya and Bharti Kher

Schenelle Dsouza
Returning with the largest contemporary art auctions in India, auction house AstaGuru is all set to host the second edition of its ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction, from February 10-11.
Presenting works by 83 leading artists, Present Future will showcase a total of 115 artworks from different streams including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations. The auction will also represent a few examples of mixed media art, combining different mediums of art and media, which will be showcased by leading artists like Bharti Kher, Jitish Kallat, L N Tallur, Thukral & Tagra and Raqib Shaw, among others.
Anju Dodiya
One of India’s best known contemporary artists, Anju Dodiya is known to use mattresses as a medium on a regular basis. Speaking about her decision to do so the artist says, “I realized that with the mattress, there are textures that I have to interact with. My painting process became more carefree. And there was a novel pleasure in working with textures and playing with its bulges.”
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 14 – Anju Dodiya, Cloud Hunter, acrylic on mattress
Her artwork, lot 14 Cloud Hunter is a creation from 2005, depicting a transient moment before the cloud hunter suspends the arrow. The unique artwork has been a part of several exhibitions across the world and has also been published in a number of books. It is estimated to be sold at ₹15 – 20 lakh.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 100 – Anju Dodiya, Surge, 2010
Aside from this, Dodiya will also showcase a 2010 creation, a lot 100 titled Surge. Unlike Cloud Hunter, Surge was created on paper with watercolours, charcoal and soft pastels. This will also be offered at an estimate of ₹15 – 20 lakh.
Atul Dodiya
One of India’s most distinguished artists, Atul Dodiya’s works range from paintings to street art and sculptures. His works often depict subjects like history, myths, folklore, and the socio-political climate and popular culture of India.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 72 – Atul Dodiya, Fallen Leaves- A Stroll # 5, 2006
His work, lot 72 titled Fallen Leaves- A Stroll # 5 is a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi alongside other prominent political figures like Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. It was executed with oil on dried leaf, powder-coated mild steel, auto body solder and red oxide. The artwork is part of a series from 2006, with 8 similar creations which were showcased and published in a 2006 exhibition titled Hungry God_Indian Contemporary Art held in Beijing, China. This piece will be offered at an estimate of ₹15 – 20 lakh.
Bharti Kher
Bharti Kher is a contemporary artist who attempts to explore cultural myths and social norms through her art. She is best known for the use of the bindi to link tradition and modernity through her art. The bindi first appeared in her work in 1995 and has since undergone a transformation through her art. “I have been quite dogmatic about using bindis. But I feel that by the very act of repetition, I have made them my own language. I play with its form and content to create different layers of meaning,” the artist has said about her use of ‘Bindi,’ in an interview with Mumbai Mirror from 2010.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 103 – Bharti Kher, A Letter To My Love, 2013
Lot 103, titled ‘A Letter To My Love’ is one of her signature works created in 2013. The artwork features broad horizontal lines alternating between strips of shimmering bindis and black matte patches, while the contrasting surface resembles a constellation or a galactic scene. The piece will be offered at an estimate of ₹60 – 80 lakh.
Nataraj Sharma
Nataraj Sharma is known for his recurring theme of aerial exploration, inspired by the Indian Air Force Surya Kiran Team show in his hometown Baroda in 2001.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 40 – Nataraj Sharma, ‘Air Show’, large-scale diptych, 2004
His artwork at the auction includes a distinctive piece, lot 88, a polyptych titled Copyright Violation Of A Stock-Photo, an oil-on-canvas work from the year 2004. It is dotted with the imagery of paragliders, planes, helicopters and jets. The artwork has been showcased at multiple solo shows including Bose Pacia, New York and 51st Venice Biennale held in the year 2005. It will be offered at the auction for an estimated value of ₹25 – 30 lakh.
Raqib Shaw
Raqib Shaw is a popular Indian-born, London-based artist. He is known for his intricate creations of other worlds, ‘imagined paradise’ as the artist often puts it, using vibrant coloured jewels.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 115 – Raqib Shaw, ‘Henry VIII’, 2006
Lot 115, titled ‘Henry VIII,’ is the artist’s reinterpretation of a masterpiece by Hans Holbein the Younger, considered to be one of the greatest portraitists of the 16th century. Executed in 2006, in his signature style that includes application of various mediums such as acrylic, glitter, enamel, and rhinestones, the work was a part of the artist’s solo exhibition titled ‘Art Now: Raqib Shaw’ held at Tate Britain, London in 2006. His artwork will be presented at an estimate of ₹40 – 60 lakh.
Suryakant Lokhande
Suryakant Lokhande is acclaimed for his striking experimental work created with high-gloss oil on canvas. Inspired by contemporary times and pop culture, the artist renders his vision of hybridity between the rural and urban. His subjects, adopted from the real world, are liberated on the vibrant canvas with a voice of their own.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 2 – Suryakant Lokhande, A Knowledge Undimmed By Illusion
His works include lot no. 2 titled ‘A Knowledge Undimmed By Illusion’ expected to be acquired at a value of ₹10 – 12 lakh, and lot 65, titled ‘On The Way To Revolution’, which will be offered at the same estimated value.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 65 – Suryakant Lokhande, On The Way To Revolution
Thukral & Tagra
An artist duo comprising Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, Thukral & Tagra have worked as a team since the turn of the millennium. Their works, characterized by vibrant imagery and exuberant colours, present an outlook on the juxtaposition of the East and West and often pose questions about the perceived identity of Indian culture in the 21st century. Their immersive works playfully combine fantasy and reality, achieving a powerful dialogue between the high-culture tropes of society.
AstaGuru ‘Present Future’ Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 110 -Thukral and Tagra, Phantom II
Their work, lot 110, titled ‘Phantom II’ stands out for its impressive 12-foot canvas. Their artwork was executed in 2007 using oil and acrylic for common Indian motifs like flowers and birds with elements of popular culture and will be offered at an estimate of ₹20 – 25 lakh.
The auction will take place on on February 10 – 11 2022.
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