Bind Runes: Sussanne Khan ventures into jewellery design with Pure Facets

Arushi Sakhuja 
Sussanne Khan is known for her strong sense of aesthetics and is a name to reckon with when it comes to interior design. Taking her creative skills further, she joined hands with Ateet and Pavitra Gandhi of Pure Facets as the Creative Head for her debut exquisite jewellery collection, Bind Runes. The collection features modern jewellery intricately crafted with precious stones, diamonds and enamel. Present in the collection are stackable bracelets, earrings and rune-inspired pieces that are unconventional and unmistakably modern in character.
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Vibrant hues and a play of colour make the collection perfect for the spring-summer season. Modern touches and a western flair makes each of the pieces stand at par with top international jewellers. Powerful and elegant at the same time, symbolising love, protection, abundance, manifestation, luck, money, and more her jewellery is perfect for the modern woman.
Bind Rude
Photo Courtesy: Pure Facets/ Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Pure Facets/ Instagram
ear cuff
Photo Courtesy: Pure Facets/ Instagram
Bind Runes
Photo Courtesy: Pure Facets/ Instagram
On 17 March, Khan unveiled the jewellery collection at Discover Collection Club at the Ashok New Delhi. With this capsule collection, Khan tapped into her love for runes ( a secret symbolic language that was used by the Vikings) and converted it to offbeat and modern jewellery. Ahead, we spoke to Sussanne Khan to know more.
Sussane Khan, Creative Head Bind Runes
Sussane Khan, Creative Head Bind Runes
Tell us the inspiration behind your new jewellery collection, Bind Runes X Pure Facets.
Bind Runes is this secret Viking language that is symbolic. The symbols referenced in the collection signify self-empowerment, good health and prosperity. I just thought that if we convert the symbols and create unique pieces which are not traditional but more of a statement for a woman to kind of empower herself and feel good about her everyday life.


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What motivated you to take up this new line?
Pavitra Gandhi and Ateet Gandhi are very close friends and have known us for a long time. They came to me one day and asked me, “Sussanne, how would you like to be the creative head for a collection that we would like to make?” So, for a minute, I know that I’m not a jewellery designer, I admire jewellery designers so much, especially my sister Farah. But I was intrigued about trying a new medium and exploring how it would be. So I said, if I do this, I would like to do it with a concept that I have been thinking about for a long time. I told them about Bind Runes and they loved the idea. It was a very amazing journey because we had a team of people who sat with me day in and day out and understood what I wanted to create and my sketches, and then converted them into CAD drawings. For jewellery, it’s not an easy thing. So after multiple trials and errors, we came up with the collection Bind Runes.


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Tell us about the unique techniques used in the collection.
I wanted to mix things that were unusual, like enamel mixed with diamonds and enamel, diamonds mixed with leather and faux fur — something that kind of just adds a little bit of warmth to the product. We tried a variety of things, and it just turned out so interesting. I think we had a lot of fun making this collection, and honestly, I’m just excited to present it.
Is there a common thread of thought/aesthetics we can see in your jewellery and interior collection?
I think that I have a very strong aesthetic. I have a kind of edge towards an alpha side of myself, which is very strong including a lot of thought and power in doing things and being brave. My personality comes out in my products, of course, in my furniture, and in my androgenous style. I think that’s the key to my aesthetic, keeping in mind I create a balance. Any product I make has a very strong masculine and feminine side. It’s not just feminine, because I feel that when it is just feminine, the balance is a bit off.
What is the one piece that you enjoyed designing the most?
We came up with the idea of using the rune symbols when we created earrings. If you notice, the actual earring is at the back, and then the front part is a separate piece. So the back connects to the front. I wanted it to be a statement piece, where you don’t have to wear two of the same kind. You wear just one and you can wear your solitaire with it or you can wear just a pearl with it, but it’s supposed to be worn as one.
Bind Runes earrings
Photo Courtesy: Pure Facets/ Instagram
What was the most challenging thing for you when you were designing the collection?
With the earrings, we created Rune bracelets which, have symbols of empowerment on them. In Bombay, people have really loved them, because they find it interesting and empowering. So I think that piece was a little difficult because we had to make that very odd shape into something that would be flowy on the body, I think that took us a little bit of understanding and experimentation. We’ll leave you with a few insider pictures from the event at Discover Collection Club, New Delhi!
Diamonds and enamel
Bind Runes By Sussanne Khan and Pure Facets at Discover Collection Club, New Delhi
Fine jewellery range
Bind Runes By Sussanne Khan and Pure Facets at Discover Collection Club, New Delhi
Bind Runes By Sussanne Khan and Pure Facets at Discover Collection Club, New Delhi
*Prices start at INR 13 lakhs and upwards. 
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