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June 20, 2024

Bombardier’s launches The Global 8000 world’s fastest business jet

Arushi Sakhuja
The world was recently introduced to the world’s fastest and smoothest ever business jet — The Global 8000. The Montreal-based planemaker said that the Global 8000 is the fastest business jet with an ultra-long-range of 8000 nautical miles, and an unbeatable top speed of mach 0.94—the fastest ever in business aviation.
Bombardier Global 8000
Photo Courtesy: Bombardier


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But the Global 8000 business jet isn’t just like any other business jet, it is akin to two aircrafts in one. Offering the best of both worlds, it’s not only luxurious but also extremely fast. It is the industry’s fastest speed and longest range with the spaciousness of a cabin with four equal size living spaces, and supreme luxury.
Bombardier Global 8000 interiors
Photo Courtesy: Bombardier
Tech specifications

Known for its impeccable designs and ultra-luxurious experience, Bombardier has gone the extra mile with the Global 8000. From leather interiors to the Ka-band worldwide internet, the Bombardier Global 8000 has it all. But the new addition of a cutting-edge nice Touch cabin management system is what makes the experience spectacular. The nice Touch is a unique OLED touch dial control that allows you to adjust a host of cabin settings quickly and comfortably. 

The interiors 
Adding further to its luxurious appeal, the aircraft has an in-built air-purifying system, Soleil circadian lighting system to ensure your body follows the circadian rhythm, and finally the uber-comfortable Nuage seats to reduce lower back pressure for a comfortable journey.
Bombardier Global 8000 interiors
Photo Courtesy: Bombardier
Bombardier the global 8000
Photo Courtesy: Bombardier
In-flight entertainment
If you thought that was all the Global 8000 has to offer, you are mistaken. Say hello to a home theatre in the sky! Bombardier has also introduced a 4K immersive inflight entertainment service. Experience onboard entertainment on a 40-inch 4K TV home theatre surround sound setup and the first-ever seat centric sound technology. Catch a game or watch a movie in immersive surround sound and let your content comes alive on board the Global 8000 aircraft.
Bombardier Global 8000 interior entertainment
Photo Courtesy: Bombardier

The experience is splendid, to say the least. 

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