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February 28, 2024

Image from Bulgari Instagram

Bulgari celebrates 15 Years of partnership with Save the Children

Renowned luxury jewellery brand Bulgari has released a stunning new pendant necklace, marking the 15th anniversary of its transformative partnership with Save the Children. The latest addition to their philanthropic jewellery collection draws inspiration from the iconic B. zero1 Rock line, representing not only the brand’s commitment to elegance but also its unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.  

Image from Bulgari Instagram

Since the inception of their collaboration in 2009, Bulgari and Save the Children have achieved remarkable milestones. Over the past 15 years, Bulgari’s custom-designed jewellery collection for the cause has raised an astounding $105 million by donating a portion of the sales to support the organisation’s programmes. The collection comprises of a ring, a pendant, and a bracelet, with a unique silver and black design inspired by the iconic B-zero1 jewellery line. 

More than just accessories, these pieces echoing Bulgari’s continued efforts to champion the cause, providing vital support to numerous initiatives and programs aimed at empowering and uplifting children facing adversity worldwide. The pendant necklace, therefore, carries a legacy of compassion. With every purchase, customers contribute to the ongoing efforts to empower children in 36 countries, including conflict zones, areas of extreme poverty, and those affected by emergencies. 

Renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri has played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of this partnership through a collection of portraits featuring almost 250 celebrities. These personalities from around the world proudly don the Save the Children jewellery collection, raising their hands in a symbolic gesture to “STOP. THINK. GIVE.”  

Image from Bulgari Instagram

This year, as part of their 15th-anniversary celebration, the brand has launched the ‘With Me, With You’ campaign, fronted by Global Brand Ambassador Anne Hathaway. Known for her unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes, Hathaway passionately champions Save the Children’s missions, hand in hand with Bulgari. The campaign also features Beatrice Venezi, Jon Kortajarena, Eva Herzigova, and Law Roach. This star-studded campaign not only eloquently showcases Bulgari’s core values of social responsibility and compassion.  

Beyond creating jewellery for the organisation, Bulgari has also been a generous supporter of Save the Children’s education programs in the United States. With a particular focus on Arte di Bvlgari initiative, Save the Children has been able to incorporate social-emotional learning, and provide art lessons and learning packets to students. The brand donates a percentage of U.S. online and in-store sales to support this initiative in honour of Mother’s Day every year.  

Several celebrities involved in the partnership have actively engaged in field visits to Save the Children programs and observed firsthand the impact of the partnership. Among them, Adrien Brody visited several project sites in Nepal supported by Save the Children in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. Most recently, actress and model Suki Waterhouse visited Save the Children’s U.S. Program sites in California. To mark Giving Tuesday, Bulgari unveiled #GiveHope, an interactive social campaign using Instagram stories posted by influencers to support their work around the globe. 

Bulgari’s evidently steadfast commitment to Save the Children’s cause is an inspiring force that compels solidarity. Items from the collection, available in Bulgari stores worldwide, have been purchased by half a million customers till date. In supporting Bulgari’s ‘With Me, With You’ campaign and acquiring the new pendant, individuals become part of a collective movement to create a better future for children worldwide. Bulgari’s commitment to philanthropy continues to shine brightly, reminding us all, that luxury can indeed be a powerful force for positive change. 

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