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June 19, 2024

Business innovation: Dress Tennis Clash video game’s players in Gucci outfits, buy them online

Tennis clash, a virtual tennis mobile game by Wildlife has collaborated with Gucci.
Starting from June 18, you can dress up your character in exclusive items provided by Gucci.
Source: Gucci
Source: Gucci
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The special Gucci wardrobe will contain clothing, headgear, socks, and shoes for two of the game’s characters, a male player named ‘Jonah’ and a female player named ‘Diana’. Both the worlds, virtual and real have aligned through this partnership as you can buy the same outfits you mirror in the game directly from
Source: Gucci
Source: Gucci
Participate in Gucci Open, a special tournament, which is set to be conducted in the game. Players will be allowed to use novel Gucci branded tennis string, adding a final touch to their outfits.
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Kannav Chaudhary


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