Celebrate National Handloom Day with these beautiful handwoven designs

Schenelle Dsouza 
National Handloom Day is a special day to celebrate Indian culture and heritage as well as the skilled artisans and weavers of the country. It is a day to not only acknowledge the beautiful handiwork of Indian karigars but also financially support them.
Many indian designers champion the cause by designing great outfits out of Indian textiles. Check out some of the Indian brands and their handloom collections below.
1. Anavila
Photo Courtesy: Anavila
A mindful, rooted creation, Anavila redefines comfort, luxury and elegance for the women of today. Using responsibly chosen materials, Anavila works with communities of women across regional, cultural and economic diversities that strongly focus on detail and design.
Their recent collection ‘Bloom’ launched in March 2021, uses comfortable silhouettes with clean lines designed in colours inspired by the forest, earth and sky along with bird and floral motifs. Each design in the collection features hidden details to indulge the wearer in an intricate discovery.
Price: Rs 12,500 onwards
2. Archana Jaju
Photo Courtesy: Archana Jaju
An eclectic combination of Indian crafts and looms, Archana Jaju’s collections feature a subdued, organic and detail-oriented amalgamation of multiple crafts on opulent fabrics. Her intricate designs represent themselves in a modern context while retaining the traditional essence of India.
Her latest collection— Revival draws inspiration from the red-crowned cranes, channelling their delicacy and invincible strength through intricate embroidery and earthy pastel tones offset by chanderi and organza fabrics. Tantalizing embellishments, thread, sequins and mirror work display the cranes as nature’s ballerinas.
Price: Rs 19,000 onwards
3. Kasturi Kundal
Photo Courtesy: Kasturi Kundal
Kasturi Kundal was born an abode of authentic handcrafted sarees to preserve and carry forward the rich legacy of handwoven and handcrafted saris, bringing out pure and authentic fabrics with unmatched quality
Inspired by the Mughal gardens, their Taan collection features Tussar handloom saris with flower motifs in tones of muted peach, blue, grey, and vibrant yellows combined with the allure of pure linen fabric.
Price: Rs 14,999 onwards
4. Payal Khandwala
Photo Courtesy: Payal Khandwala
An eponymous label, Payal Khandwala’s designs take an artistic approach, coordinating colours and textures to create dramatic yet minimalistic designs. Created using handwoven fabrics like silks, brocades, khadi, cotton and linens, Payal’s collection centres a timeless, relaxed yet luxurious style.
Her new release called ‘Release 3’, focuses on signature engineered silk brocades that are woven by hand, mapped meticulously on a loom. This gives the outfits an illusion of embroidery, giving them a minimal but modern look.
Price: Rs 12,800 onwards
5. Raw Mango
Photo Courtesy: Raw Mango
Drawing inspiration from the colours, philosophies and cultures of India, Raw Mango creates unique designs with karigars across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Varanasi. As a design house, it continues to create new conversations in textile, culture and politics through a range of saris, garments and objects.
Their most recent collection Jhini inspired by Rajasthan’s graphic laheriya comprises handwoven organza in rose ash, jade and saffron colours. Weightless ghararas and tie-dye bhandej meet classic Banarasi brocades in a range of attires and saris for intimate occasions.
Price: Rs 38,000 onwards
6. Tilfi
Photo Courtesy: Tilfi
Named after the Banarsi weaving technique, Tilfi features luxury handwoven Banarsi designs handcrafted with artistic responsibility. All of Tilfi’s designs feature the age-old Banarsi weaving technique with an aim to reinvent and represent the artistic weave.
Their recent collection Kashi comprises signature sarees and lehengas, dedicated to the beautiful city of Banaras. The glorious outline of Varanasi’s Ghats is lovingly handwoven on a base of resplendent silk with incredible details mirroring the splendour of Banaras as seen from the river Ganga.
Price: Rs 9,000 onwards
7. Vaishali S
Photo Courtesy: Vaishali S
Another eponymous brand, Vaishali S was borne out of Vaishali Shadangule’s genuine affection and passion for the classic Indian weaves. Working with authentic woven textiles, her designs tell a culturally rich tale about India’s heritage and culture.
Her recent collection Rebirth cultivates an intense bond between humanity and nature, lacing a deep sense of calm within the fabric flow. A collection of dresses, jackets, tops and pants, Rebirth features corded braids silhouettes with a Chanderi touch.
Price: Rs 13,000 onwards
8. Vyusti
Photo Courtesy: Vyusti
Geared towards reviving the ailing handloom industry, Vyusti is a for-profit social enterprise that works directly with weavers to make traditional and sustainable weaves, more accessible to urban women. Vyusti’s designs with their intricate texture, rich colour and woven patterns comprise elements like pure cotton and silk sarees, dupattas, and shawls.
Their recent collection Chitradurga comprises designs made out of real gold threads hailing from the Deccan region. The collection draws inspiration from nature with a stylized depiction of flowers, leaves and trees. Motifs involving the grand architecture of temples in the Deccan region along with geometric shapes & interlocking symmetry beautify the garment further.
Price: Rs 12,400 onwards
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