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June 19, 2024

Celebrate Pride month with these gender fluid brands

Jade Crasto
Fashion is a form of self-expression, but for people whose style identities lie beyond the standard binary, not quite fitting into what society considers masculine or feminine, options to correctly express oneself via fashion may be restricted.
We know that it is possible to reject the binary gender identification paradigm and embrace what we and our communities wish to wear without shame. We realise how depressing it may be to go through racks of items that don’t speak to who you are. So, we combed the web for the top genderless fashion lines. These brands care about the environment and should be in everyone’s closet. Investing in these products helps to assist folks who are frequently disregarded by the mainstream fashion industry.
Eckhaus Latta
Photo Courtesy: Eckhaus Latta
Eckhaus Latta is a fashion label launched in 2011 by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, both alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design. Eckhaus Latta’s innovative, theatrical shows have captivated both fashion enthusiasts and artists. The firm is recognised for using unusual materials, experimenting with texture and tactility in its creations, and adding literature, performance, and video into its work. Their garments are unisex liberating pieces developed by experimenting with diverse materials, details, and colours.
Big Bud
Photo Courtesy: Big Bud
Big Bud is an L.A.-based brand that values diversity in all of its forms. The garments are not only gender-neutral but also size-inclusive, with length and size, XXS to 6XL categories. Everyday wear is the brand’s bread and butter, and its options encompass everything you might desire and need in your wardrobe, from tops including baby tees, turtlenecks, and polos, to bottoms available in a variety of cuts and styles, jumpsuits, and accessories.
Photo Courtesy: Ijji
Ijji isn’t just another L.A.-based minimalist unisex business. The label’s collections are comfy and casual, yet they have that certain something that gives them that effortlessly chic look. The garments are also timeless, have essentials you’ll seek for time and time again, and are made from natural fibres. The items are loose-fitting and come in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, so you can feel as wonderful as you look.
Photo Courtesy: TomboyX
TomboyX was formed in the same manner that many companies are: to fill a void that has existed for far too long.  According to the brand’s official website, TomboyX was created to address a need in the market for pants that fit everyone and fit everyone well. They unintentionally triggered an outpouring of emotion by attempting to meet a need. Their consumers’ remarks and chats, e-mails and letters informed them a long time ago that they were onto something greater.
I and Me
Photo Courtesy: I and Me
I & Me, an East London-based gender-neutral denim and lifestyle business that provides stylishly useful products to the androgynous community, recognises no gender. The textiles used in each I and Me collection are carefully picked from mills and producers with eco-friendly ideals and extensive histories; their tales may be found here. Fabric and style, not gender division, are the driving forces behind this company.
Photo Courtesy: RICH MNISI
RICH MNISI designs are another excellent choice for androgynous buyers looking for colour. Mnisi’s culture, art, and unique narrative are at the heart of the brand’s South African origins. The pieces are obviously splurge products, but you definitely get what you pay for in this case: wearable art.
Kirrin Finch
Photo Courtesy: Kirrin Finch
Kirrin Finch is a clothing line that aspires to “do good in this world.” The menswear-inspired label manufactures its items in collaboration with fair and ethical manufacturers and maintains strong contact with the individuals who make each of its goods. Kirrin Finch also uses eco-friendly colours, natural textiles, and organic ingredients. Their purpose is to make dapper style available to every one, since we all deserve it.
Industry of All Nations
Photo Courtesy: Industry of All Nations
Industry of All Nations wishes to alter the industry standard rather than simply elevate it. They give possibilities for employees to develop, breed, and manufacture their goods from start to finish by locating production near the source of raw resources. The firm sees this as a global change in sustainable industrialisation, with human production ethics at its centre. This is a firm we can support because of its commitment to environmental sensitivity and waste minimization.
Official Rebrand
Photo Courtesy: Official Rebrand
Official Rebrand is a gender-neutral clothing line that focuses on creative development and environmentally sustainable practices. Each sculpture incorporates repurposed clothing embellished with painted images of sinuous, genderless beings, blinded by desire.’ All of the goods are one-of-a-kind, and many of them may be customised. Official Rebrand is passionate about creating apparel that challenges cultural standards and allows people to express themselves freely.
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