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June 23, 2024

Celebrating World Milk Day: Dairy-free alternatives to cows milk

Arushi Sakhuja
June 1 is celebrated as World Milk Day — a day dedicated to recognising the importance of milk as a global food. Known as a rich source of calcium and nutrients, milk is an integral part of our diet. Being a breakfast staple, the importance of milk cannot be denied especially in the Indian market.
With growing concerns about climate change, this year’s theme will bring attention to the climate change crisis and how the dairy sector can reduce its impact on the planet. Working towards a Dairy Net Zero future, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) aims to bring awareness about the pressing concern world over.
Milk with breakfast
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From being a source of livelihood for many in the village, India is the top producer of milk in the world, contributing to a whopping 22% of global milk production.  One step towards making the dairy sector sustainable is the emergence of different kinds of milk including almond, soy, oat, and coconut, to name a few. Not only are a majority of health-conscious individuals making the switch to dairy-free milk but many homegrown dairy-free milk brands have mushroomed to cater to the growing demand for non-dairy milk. Vegan, dairy-free and lactose-free are buzzwords when it comes to milk alternatives, and if you’re thinking of taking this route, here are the top players in the Indian market.
Homegrown dairy-free alternatives to dairy
Almond, soy and oat milk are some of the most sought after and commonly found plant-based alternatives to dairy. However, with the growing market coconut milk and rice milk too have become popular options. Each of these are known to be a healthier alternative and packed with nutrients.
Healthy Milk
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Known to be one of the healthiest alternatives, almond milk contains fewer calories and provides 25% of your daily Vitamin D requirement. Rich in nutrition value and fibre, oat milk on the other hand is a great source of energy given the amount of protein and carbohydrates it contains. However, it was soy milk that truly started the milk-alternative revolution in India. Loaded with protein and Vitamin B, it’s packed with potassium and iron, and provides your recommended daily intake of folic acid.
Today, we have also seen the emergence of coconut milk which is a great way to reduce your carb intake,  and rice milk — which is sweet-tasting and higher in calorie value.
Raw Pressery
Almond Milk
Photo Courtesy: Raw Pressery
Catering to the growing demand homegrown plant-based brands have flourished in the country, one of the most popular ones being Raw Pressery. Starting out with cold-pressed juices, today the brand is known for its unsweetened almond milk — plain and cacao flavoured.
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Urban Platter 
Soy mIlk
Photo Courtesy: Urban Platter
Another homegrown brand that champions plant-based products is Urban Platter. Know for their nut, oat and coconut milk, their robust portfolio of dairy alternatives is a treat to the palate. With centres in Delhi, Mumbai (HQ), Bengaluru and Kolkata, they aim to expand at a fast rate with a vision to be catering to 1% of India’s Dairy market by 2025.
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One Good (formerly Good Mylk) 
Almond Milk
Photo Courtesy: One Good
Formerly known as Good Mylk, One Good is a leading homegrown plant-based milk brand. Using ingredients like cashew, oat, and almond, once you’re hooked on their vegan milk there’s no looking back. Their chocolate flavoured cashew-oat mylk is worth looking out for.
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Alt Co.
Oat Milk
Photo Courtesy: Alt Co
Bengaluru based start-up, Alt Co. was started in 2020 as a homegrown milk brand for the health of individuals as well as the environmental benefits of plant-based products. Making its debut with oat milk that uses less water than animal-based products, the brand today is one to try.
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Nut Milk
Photo Courtesy: Sain
Delhi-based brand, SAIN Milk is known for its handcrafted and cold-brewed delicious range of nut milk offers a range of dairy-free almond milk in various flavours such as cacao, vanilla, and cardamom among otherst.
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Milkin Oats
Oat Milk
Photo Courtesy: Milkin Oats
Just like the name suggests, Milkin Oats is India’s first oat milk brand. Keeping their hero ingredient as Oats — which is a powerhouse of fibre, good fats and natural sugars —  the sustainable nature of ingredients makes oat milk eco-friendly with a high nutritional value.
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Breakfast recipes 
From smoothies to shakes, and pancakes we’ll leave you with some delicious breakfast recipes to try your hand at next time.
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For those days when you’re looking for a filling and wholesome breakfast before stepping out, nothing does the magic like a delicious Banana Smoothie. However, if a low cal option is your preference try the overnight Oat Meal Bowl. And when you’re feeling a little indulgent, the Vegan French Toast or a Banana Pancake are a great idea.
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