Certified pre-owned luxury cars in India

Schenelle Dsouza
The demand for luxury cars resulted from the revenge shopping trend witnessed post the pandemic. 
However, the demand for pre-owned luxury cars has also been on the rise, over the past few years. And so, luxury car brands decidedly began to resell their own certified pre-owned car models. Audi was the first brand to open the Audi: Approved Plus showroom in India. And now, Porsche too has announced its own ‘Porsche Approved’ showroom at the Porsche Centre Kochi in Kerala. 
Photo Courtesy: Porsche
While Audi and Porsche are the only two brands with pre-owned car showrooms in the country, they aren’t the only ones that sell pre-owned cars. Brands like BMW and Mercedes have a dedicated section on their websites that feature original, certified and pre-owned cars. Take a look below. 
2022 Audi A8
Photo Courtesy: Audi
In addition to a showroom in Mumbai’s Lower Parel area, Audi Approved :plus is the brand’s selection of used car models. Audi is said to have one of the largest selections of used car models in the country. And these aren’t just limited to recently launched models, but older variants as well. Each car available at the showroom and on the website undergoes inspections across all categories: mechanical, bodywork, interior and electrical, at 300+ multi-point checks and thorough multiple-level quality checks. Going one step further, Audi also conducts a full on-road test for customers, assuring them of the car’s quality. 
BMW 5 Series
Photo Courtesy: BMW
BMW Premium Selection is the brand’s collection of certified pre-owned cars. In this dedicated section, BMW promises pre-owned cars in the best conditions only. The company uses modern technology mixed with professional expertise to examine each used car delivered to BMW. This comprises a service history check, in addition to fully resolving any visual or technical flaws, along with interior and exterior renovations where necessary. The process is then concluded with a final inspection and document check, along with mandatory on-road testing to ensure exceptional performance. 
Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic Black
Photo Courtesy: Jaguar
Like Audi, Jaguar too, has quite a selection of approved, used cars in a multitude of models and variants; right from the F-Pace to the XE and XF variants. The certified pre-owned models go through a 165 multi-point inspection by Jaguar’s trained professionals. The inspection includes paintwork, interior and engine preparation concluding with a road test and final inspection. Jaguar also gives its users a one-year warranty on pre-owned cars. 
Lexus India
Photo Courtesy: Lexus India
While Lexus has the smallest selection of pre-owned cars, it is usually updated on a regular basis, featuring new pre-used cars on the website regularly. Like most companies, Lexus’ 161-point checklist examines every section of the vehicle, exterior, interior, mechanical interiors, engine, wheels etc. While Lexus does provide a limited warranty, it also offers an optional extended warranty, service packages and a roadside assistance program for buyers. 
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class
Photo Courtesy: Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz Certified is the luxury car brand’s used car program that allows users around the world to experience Mercedes’ best offerings at an affordable price.  Before buying a pre-owned car, users are shown an inspection checklist conducted by Mercedes technicians. A total of 90 inspection procedures are conducted overlooking mechanical and electrical components, bodywork, interior, tyres and wheels etc. And of course a complete on-road tests with a final inspection for the buyers. 
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