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July 20, 2024

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Corset and Bustier Brands for a Bridgerton-Inspired Wardrobe

For the fans of ‘Bridgerton’, the much-awaited friends-to-lovers arc between Penelope and Colin is not the only thing causing excitement. This hit series, known for its lush and elaborate costumes, has inspired viewers to bring a touch of Regency-era elegance into their own wardrobes. While we can’t get enough of the pastel hues and intricate embellishments that define ‘Bridgerton’s’ style, it’s the silhouettes, especially the corsetry, that truly capture the essence of this period drama.

‘Bridgerton’ is more than just a costume-heavy show; it’s a visual feast that transports us back to a time when fashion was a vital part of one’s identity and status. The corsets and bustiers worn by the characters not only enhance their historical authenticity but also highlight the timeless appeal of these garments. A well-crafted corset or bustier can cinch one’s waist and accentuate a woman’s natural curves, offering a blend of elegance and romance that few other pieces can match.

Whether you’re inspired by the regal Daphne, the fiery Eloise, or the many other captivating characters of ‘Bridgerton’, adding a corset or bustier to your collection can bring a piece of that bygone era into your everyday life. Here are some brands and designers that excel in creating the perfect corset and bustier silhouettes, ensuring you can channel your inner ‘Bridgerton’ with style and grace.


Image from Zabella website

Zabella’s corset dresses, unlike ‘Bridgerton’s’ palete, are striking, vibrant and loud. For a feminine, softer option, dresses like the magenta ‘Edna Rose Midi’ or the ‘Valentina Pleated Midi’ are the perfect fits. For more bold, outgoing pieces, you can choose the black sequinned ‘Gigi Cystal Noir Midi’. What takes the cake however, is their ‘Metallic Green Corset Midi’ that will transform you into the star of the show in any room you walk into.

You can shop here.

House of Shailija

Image from House of Shailija website

House of Shailija’s generally subdued style makes its way into even its more fitted corsetry pieces. These pieces can be worn in more casual settings, so you can bring your ‘Bridgerton’ sensibilities to even casual settings like brunch or a picnic. Three dresses come to mind from this store that fit the bill: the buttery ‘Yellow Corset Dress,’ the ‘Brown Maxi Dress,’ and most uniquely, the ‘Beige Dori Dress’ with a flattering tie-up neckline.

You can shop here.

Free People

Image from Nykaa Fashion website

The corset tops by Free People are a modern take on Bridgerton’s Regency-era fashion but offer the same beautiful necklines as the costumes on the show. These pieces can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up with an A-line or mermaid skirt, depending on the occasion. For a night out, you can opt for the black ‘Night Rhythm Corset Bodysuit.’ For a piece leaning towards the romanticism of ‘Bridgerton’, the sage ‘X Intimately FP Night Rhythm Corset Bodysuit’ is a perfect fit. And finally, for those who have been filling their Pinterest boards with ‘milkmaid aesthetic’ outfits for a soft summery look, you can choose the ‘Amelia Corset Top.’

You can shop here.

Ranna Gill

Image from Ranna Gill website

Trust Ranna Gill’s bustiers to add a touch of Indianness that we’ve all been asking for from Bridgerton’s South Asian characters. Indian ‘Bridgerton’ fans who wished to see Kate Sharma (now Bridgerton) in European corsetry with Indian embellishments and embroidery can now shop the same for themselves at Ranna Gill. For a vibrant, vivacious outfit, you can wear the ‘Azaria Bustier’ with sequin embroidery and their signature Persia prints that can be paired with matching pants to complete the ensemble. Similarly, the ‘Ocean Embroidered Bustier’ or ‘Bea Draped Bustier’ can be paired with matching shorts for a summery, cooler feel.

You can shop here.

Shantnu & Nikhil 

Image from Shantnu & Nikhil website

For the girls who prefer contemporary head-turner pieces, Shantnu & Nikhil is the place to go. Here, you will find the ‘SNCC Denim Structured Corset Top’ for a fun twist on corsets, the ‘Pleated Plum Corset’ for a cocktail event, or the ‘Metallic Drape Corset Top’ for a dressy night to remember.

You can shop here.


Image from Pernia’s Pop Up Shop website

For the women who love to shine, choose from these blingy options from Torqadorn. With these you can unleash your inner party girl while staying to true to the ‘Bridgerton’ fan in you. Here you will find, the ‘Brown Net Embroidered Corset Tiered Dress’ for an evening, the ‘Pink Net Embroidered Corset Dress’ for a lighter, floral look, or the co-ord that will make you the belle of the ball: the ‘Black Georgette Embroidered Skirt Set’ with mirror work and a tassel skirt.

You can shop here.


Image from Twamev website

Twamev’s looks are for those who are enamoured by the opulence and royalty of by-gone eras, be it in Europe or South Asia. These are the women who look forward to weddings to wear old-timey, heavily accessorised outfits and stun every room. Twamev’s dressy Indian wear offers corsetry inspired clothing that could almost turn you into Kate Sharma’s elegant cousin from India! For silvery, subtle, Daphne-esque tones, you can opt for the ‘Modern Chic Grey Lehenga’. For an older, more refined style, you can choose the ‘Fawn Satin Saree Elegance’ with a hand-embroidered spaghetti-corset-inspired blouse. Finally, for a youthful, peachy, sister-of-the-bride look, the ‘Dusky Rose Satin Skirt Top Set’ is the perfect match for you.

You can shop here.

Hemant & Nandita 

Image from Hemant & Nandita website

Cool, casual, and effortless, Hemant and Nandita’s take on the corset is perfect for the summer. Whether you opt for the floral ‘Taha Corset Top’, the cotton bodice-style ‘Lani Midi Dress’ or the beachy ‘Viha Corset Cover Up’, your wardrobe is set for the season!

You can shop here.

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