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June 24, 2024

Creator of the world’s most expensive perfume, The Spirit of Dubai is now at Scentido India

Pratishtha Rana

A whiff of The Spirit of Dubai fragrances is all it takes to experience world-class luxury, packed delicately in a bottle. Founded in 2015 by Asghar Adam Ali, the brand blends traditions and cosmopolitan lifestyle in its scents, and these are now available at Scentido India.
Asghar Adam Ali with Shumukh, the most expensive perfume in the world
Last year, the brand dominated the headlines when it created the most expensive perfume in the world, Shumukh. Standing 1.97 metre tall, embedded with 3,571 diamonds and precious gemstones, Ali calls it a masterpiece. “It is 99.9 per cent exactly how I had dreamt and imagined it to be.”
Shumukh by The Spirit of Dubai
The intricacy of designing the massive bottle, getting the rarest ingredients from around the world and balancing the notes perfectly took the brand three to four years. “More than an innovation, Shumukh is an invention. It took us 494 trials to get the fragrance right.”
Mustafa Adam Ali
Leading the brand as the Vice Chairman, Mustafa Adam Ali, the son of the founder recalls, “It was around 25 years ago, when my father registered the brand name Dubai. Fast forward to now, The Spirit of Dubai is our passion and love for creating art in the form of fragrances.” The brand comes under the 50-year-old parent company Nabeel Perfumes, which is known for producing Dubai’s most luxurious and oriental scents.
Currently present in London, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi amongst other locations, the next stop for the Arabian perfume brand is India’s luxury market. With Scentido’s reputation of introducing ultra-luxury brands that are found nowhere else in the country, The Spirit of Dubai presented its collection of 15 varieties at the launch preview in Delhi and Mumbai, a range of scents accentuated visually with avant-garde, bejewelled packaging
Every fragrance features an element of Dubai, from its desert, tranquil beaches, royal green playgrounds and rare black roses to its heritage abodes, noble stallions and falcons; every bottle is a tribute to the city.
Narjesi, The Spirit of Dubai
Abjar, The Spirit of Dubai
Diwan, The Spirit of Dubai
Mustafa says that the idea is to not aggressively advertise the perfumes but to carve its niche based on its incomparable merits, and is targeted to the discerning customers.

The Spirit of Dubai is available exclusively at Scentido Niche Perfumery stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, and online.

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