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February 24, 2024

Crockery and cutlery trends for the summer

Arushi Sakhuja 
Thinking of the term ‘fine dining’ instantly evokes a sense of sophistication. The way you set the tables as well as the type and quality of dinnerware used is a part of the whole dining experience you provide for your guests. One of the best ways to create this lavish experience is by aesthetically decorating your dining table with the help of appropriate crockery and cutlery.  
Fine dining is a lot more than just indulging in exotic food – it is more about the experience than the culinary affair, and we often try our best to recreate the experience at home. But it isn’t possible without a little attention to detail. So, if you are looking to recreate that magic, switch up your dull and boring dinnerware with something more striking, LuxeBook has curated the hottest crockery and cutlery trends for 2023.  
While hosting your loved ones for an exclusive meal, investing in crockery that adds finesse ensures it’s a memorable experience.  The key to adding an instant charm to your fine dining experience also depends on dinnerware and cutlery, making sure everything is colour-coordinated and in sync. 
Bright colours  
Cutlery and crockery
Kika – Jade Collection
Bringing in colours to your dining space can add joy to the room being a catalyst for imaginative dinnertime conversations.  This year, the hospitality industry is enriched with bright and juicy shades from earthy tones such as sweet coral, soft peach and terracotta to soothing tones like green, blue, teal, sage, deep green and black. But the favourite for the year is f this year’s palette is lavender and any other shade of purple colour, which creates a warm sense of hospitality. The best way to add colour to a table is to select dining accessories like dinner sets that incorporate colours and vibrant shades. The crockery of the Villeroy and Boch and KIKA are the perfect tableware to achieve this.  Finish your vibrant scene with a large centrepiece of beautiful blooms in a stylish vase or scatter the colourful flowers along your table to create a fresh and fun table feature. 
All white   
All white cutlery and crockery
Porland Turkey
White crockery and dinnerware are an all-time classic, and once again have garnered the spotlight for 2023. Although it may sometimes be considered dull, the neutral tone allows a focus on food presentation and also the option to combine dinnerware with other more colourful tableware and accessories. While picking out white crockery, look for those that have a little added interest, like the ones by Ellementry, Porland Turkey or Rena that are curved more or that are square instead of round, to add something unique to the table. The glossy appearance of these classic cutlery pieces enhances the overall dining experience.  Add a swanky touch to your dinnerware by incorporating an all-white setting with gold accents. Combine white plates and bowls with colourful cups or centrepieces to create a stunning yet classic look.  
Asymmetrical shapes  
ASA asymmterical shapes
Asymmetrical shapes  
Moving away from merely the fashion realm, asymmetrical shapes are a big crockery trend too. This year, designers have experimented with other options apart from the classic square and round dishes. Dinnerware with deliberately uneven, asymmetric or hand-sculpted edges with make the difference and create a unique and inviting table setting presentation. While Rena has a range of minimalistic asymmetrical shapes, ASA Selection has brilliant individual dinner plate options to add a design element to your table! 
Prints and patterns  
cutlery and crockery
Good Earth Pomegranates & Roses
Floral prints Villeroy & Boch
Another trend that is never out-of-date and is worth considering is prints and patterns for crockery. Not only do they add colour, but additionally work as a way to elevate the setting making it more formal, impressive and voguish. Some examples include abstract spiral lines, gold rims, boho style and paisley patterns. However, a staple is the trend of folk floral serve ware adorned with bold botanical designs — an ideal choice for a British-inspired high-tea. The floral design brings so much joy and happiness into the home and can be used all year round. The great thing about folk floral patterns is that they will fit seamlessly into your dining room regardless of its current decor, being stylishly mismatched by nature. Good Earth’s crockery is a classic example of the trend.  
Minimal design 
Minimal Rhea Kapoor X ellementry
The memo for 2023, less is more! With pastels and tones of white along with wooden elements becoming a norm, achieving the minimalist and natural aesthetic has become a breeze. A sure-shot way of nailing the minimal design trend is the blending of textures. With subtle detailing, earthier tones and soft colour palettes decorate your tableware to champion the trends.  Clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colours are all popular choices for tableware. The Rhea Kapoor x Ellementry collection is a great example of tableware that features a pared-down aesthetic, creating a calming atmosphere that puts the focus on the food itself. To make it a little more opulent lean toward the aesthetics of Elvy 
There’s nothing classier and chicer than exquisite cutlery. The cutlery you choose must compliment your dinnerware and is designed ergonomically to ensure comfort. Go for a classy set of cutlery and amp up your dining experience. 
Coloured cutlery  
crate and barrel
Photo courtesy: Nestasia

When it comes to coloured cutlery rosy copper continues to be popular but made the growing trend is a variety of colours and the iridescent shade. Today’s coloured cutlery is more than just the simple silver cutlery. Styles with coloured handles are becoming a popular trend with modern iterations. And a good crockery set can enhance your table at every meal, whether it’s a weekday dinner or a special occasion. The most playful of modern cutlery sets are the ones splashed with colour be it one in a rainbow palette or a singular hue. Slender sets featuring matte metal heads and vibrant stems will suit minimalist tastes, as will versions with a tinted ceramic coating. Matte cutlery which has a slightly undone feel also comes in a variety of shades from yellow gold and silver to copper, charcoal, and noir. Pick from luxury ones like
Bugatti’s cutlery or Crate and Barrel. For something more modern choose from the range of options by Nestasia.  
Slim-lined cutlery 
Slim cutlery
A delicious meal always speaks for itself, but beautiful and modern cutlery can make all the difference in enhancing the experience for you and your guests. In 2023, everything is getting minimal and sleeker. It is now observed that slim-lined cutlery is the emerging trend with more elongated and delicate designs. With smooth and delicate edges and simple and neat designs, this new style makes your table settings elegant, providing a pleasant mood for dining.  
The bottom line, no matter what your personal aesthetic, these trends can seamlessly be incorporated into your table layout to bring out the true beauty of the tablescape. 
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