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June 21, 2024

Dhoomimal Art Centre Delhi has a unique Christmas ornaments exhibition

By Anushka Manik
Picture this: a concoction of leading artists from the modern and contemporary art scene joining forces to redefine ornamentation, infusing each piece with their unique creative flair. In the heart of the capital, step into a vibrant fusion of India’s cultural tapestry, where Christmas takes center stage in the most unconventional and joyous way possible! Held at the Dhoomimal Art Centre, “Away in a Manger” is not your typical festive affair—it’s a celebration of diversity manifested through oversized Christmas trees, bedecked with whimsical ornaments.
Curated by the dynamic Georgina Maddox, an independent critic-curator with an eye for innovation, this festive showcase is a spirited nod to the joy and warmth that Christmas brings. Forget the usual baubles; these larger-than-life trees boast ornaments crafted by a diverse ensemble of over 40 artists. It’s a contemporary twist on the timeless art of ornamentation, a labor of love dedicated to infusing the holiday spirit into every eccentric masterpiece.
Image Courtesy: Dhoomimal Art Centre
Image Courtesy: Dhoomimal Art Centre
Inaugurated on the 12th of December, 2023, the gallery warmly welcomed artists to express their secular interpretations of Christmas with wholehearted enthusiasm, creating a collaborative celebration of the yuletide spirit. While the art of ornamentation has historical roots that stretch across centuries, these artists are injecting a modern twist into the age-old tradition. Within this vibrant mix, prominent figures from the Modern and Contemporary Art World contribute their unique, personal, and culturally rooted interpretations of Christmas.
Speaking of the cultural extravaganza, Mr Mohit Jain , Director of Dhoomimal Art Centre said, Among many theme shows I have had in the past, my main idea is to give artists a different surface to explore with new possibilities, and at the same time for the viewers to experience something rare. Through the “Away in a Manger”, I invite collectors to discover specially curated Christmas ornaments by fifty established artists, blending tradition with contemporary art. This exhibition is not only a memorable journey but also a chance to collect unique pieces that transcend generations.” 
Image Courtesy: Dhoomimal Art Centre
Image Courtesy: Dhoomimal Art Centre
Providing insights on what went behind the curation of this masterpiece of an experience, Georgina Maddox ,curator of the show stated, “This exhibition is not just for art collectors; it’s for everyone. Since Christmas is the season of giving, we decided to create an art show that provides access to masterful art for everyone and brings the joy of Christmas . The gallery has collaborated with renowned artists, making their work affordable and accessible to a wider audience.”
WHEN: 12th December 2023 – 6th January 2024 
TIMINGS : 11am to 7pm , Monday to Saturday 
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Anushka Manik


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