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June 19, 2024

Around the world in 27 days with The Q Odyssey

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury travel, one company stands out for its commitment to redefining opulence – The Q Experiences. Founder and CEO Vasim Shaikh shares his insights into the creation of a groundbreaking luxury travel experience, “The Q Odyssey,” a 27-day Private Jet Round the World tour that promises unparalleled opulence and adventure. 

The company embraces the philosophy of “Luxury Travel Reimagined.” hoping to offer travellers an opportunity beyond merely visiting new places. The Q’s ethos is firmly based in curating unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. By effortlessly blending opulence with untouched destinations, it provides travellers with the most invaluable gift; experiences that make for extraordinary stories. 

Image from The Q Odyssey

Shaikh, a passionate travel enthusiast, introduced the 27-day trip promising to cater only to connoisseurs of life’s finest pleasures. Keeping this goal in mind, he has chosen to limit their capacity to a mere 48 clients for the escapade. Starting November 17, 2024 with exclusive experiences across six continents, the journey encompasses cultural exploration, outdoor escapades, and the pursuit of natural wonders – all while ensuring the ultimate comfort and convenience of private jet travel. 

It is also undeniable that Q Odyssey puts India on the map of the travel and hospitality industry. It is the only round the world journey to start and end in India, treating Indian travellers’ interests with the highest of regard. “Our Indian guests love to be pampered and we love pampering!” Shaikh says. 

Aboard a chartered Boeing 757, The Q Odyssey offers first-class seats that convert into fully lie-flat beds. Accompanying the comfortable seats is a dedicated crew featuring international chefs, including renowned Indian chef Vicky Ratnani. An open bar with an exquisite wine selection, in-flight entertainment, and complimentary internet access ensures a relaxing and lavish voyage.  

Image from The Q Odyssey

Smooth custom and immigration upon landing on Private Jet terminal in each destination, specific dietary requests, luggage handling and facilitating visas are all measures taken to ensure a worry-free trip. 

The price tag for this extraordinary journey is set at $135,000 USD per traveller and $145,000 USD for solo travellers. As the first and only company to organise a luxury trip to Antarctica and the Arctic, their prices reflect their aim to transcend previously set precedents.  

As an endeavour created to meet rising demands of exclusive travel, the overwhelming interest from Indian and international clients was much anticipated. This remarkable journey traverses six continents, focusing on experiences rather than mere destinations. The journey begins with a dazzling African leg, starting from the majestic Victoria Falls to the elegant Pretoria, including an unforgettable game drive in Hwange National Park. From there, they plan to make their way to the enchanting canyons and desert landscapes of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia.

Image from The Q Odyssey

Their odyssey continues, pausing to witness awe-inspiring moments like the Northern Lights on Lofoten Island, hot air ballooning over the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico, and savouring a unique dining experience at the Salar De Uyuni, the planet’s largest natural mirror. Additional highlights include serene moments in the Polynesian paradise of Tahiti and an immersive cultural experience in traditional Kyoto, Japan. 

Following the debut tour, The Q Experiences is committed to offering an annual array of exceptional private jet journeys. From Round the World tours to African adventures, the company teases intriguing surprises, keeping their plans a closely guarded secret.Vasim Shaikh remains excited about leading the way in pioneering private jet tours for the Indian luxury travel market. With a mission to offer experiential travel, The Q Experiences continues to dream bigger and push boundaries in the realm of luxury travel. 

For more information visit or contact +91 8805668888 / 8805168888. 


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