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April 19, 2024

Diamond Rain and Twist & Shine; 2021’s hot diamond jewellery trends

Pratishtha Rana
Jewellery is a beautiful form of self-expression, and Forevermark has often been at the fore when it comes to creating such exquisite, exclusive pieces for, both, women and men. The brand that has dressed Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson on the red carpet, predicts diamond jewellery trends for Spring-Summer 2021
Federica Imperiali, Global Head of New Product Development, Forevermark, takes us through the trends and gives us a peek into the post-lockdown jewellery market in India.
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What are the diamond jewellery trends for Spring-Summer 2021?
We have identified two main trends for Spring/Summer 2021 – Diamond Rain and Twist & Shine
Diamond Rain is all about rain and all that it symbolises. It is an exhilarating source of inspiration and optimism during times of challenge and change. In its embodiment as rain, we associate it with renewal, rejuvenation and growth.
In the same way that rain refreshes, we can explore new ideas and incorporate diamond cuts such as pears, marquise, and squares to replicate the stunning fluid droplet and ripple movement from rain and to transform much-loved statement pieces in original ways to treasure forever.
Forevermark SS 2021 – Diamond Rain
Twist & Shine is more about the changes. Life’s unexpected twists and turns can often be a catalyst for new things. This trend is about dynamism and surprise. Forevermark introduces silhouettes based on sculptural twists that thrill from every angle. A sweeping band of pavé diamonds or a striking solitaire, asymmetric diamond clusters or mixed cuts that build interest and perspective.
Forevermark SS 2021 – Twist & Shine
How has the pandemic influenced jewellery trends?
As the consumer landscape undergoes significant change, a desire to invest in purchases that are meaningful and have enduring value, is more important than ever. This is particularly the case when it comes to diamond jewellery, where nuanced insights underpin the creation of investment pieces, which combine timeless elegance with contemporary appeal.
Our research shows that in 2021, the jewellery would be anything but boring and subtle, so jewellery design expresses unusual combinations of different diamond shapes that are mixed to create unique pieces of art.
Forevermark SS 2021 – Diamond Rain
Our analysis of trends has also underlined diversity and inclusivity as a must for 2021. The courageous stance assumed by those who think differently has, in recent times, had messages of inclusivity and individuality at its core.
A trend that is more a statement behind self-expression and casts its focus directly on diamond earrings, not only as a category but as a symbol of the desire to be heard. Diamonds that represent versatility, responsibility and individuality, and earrings, whether worn solo, in pairs, or as a mismatched stack of assorted styles, become the perfect vehicle to express a compelling contemporary mindset.
How is the consumer sentiment for diamond jewellery currently? 
De Beers recently did a survey to understand consumers’ attitudes and perspective towards buying diamonds during the actual world situation. We found out that consumers are now looking at fewer but better things. They want to purchase jewellery that is meaningful and connects them to their family or loved ones.
And what better than a diamond that can express all of nature’s excellence. Diamonds are beautiful, rare and millions of years old. Forevermark diamonds are carefully selected by hand, less than 1% of the world’s natural diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond.
Following a very difficult first half of the year 2020, there has been a positive trend for diamond jewellery demand that has improved from the second half of the year.
Forevermark SS 2021 – Twist & Shine
Weddings have been postponed but not cancelled. And this is an opportunity to capture the market and increase market share. Another positive note is that online consumption is at an all-time high, reinforcing the importance of Forevermark’s e-tail proposition as people have embraced living in the new normal.
What kind of diamond jewellery will be popular in the Indian wedding sphere this year? 
Indian women have a natural elegance that allows them to carry large jewellery pieces with grace and élan with, both, their traditional as well as modern outfits.
Traditional patterns, motifs and symbols translate into designs that embrace visual codes of world’s diverse cultures. The versatility of diamonds comes into play here, as different cuts – including baguette, pear and square – can be arranged into bold geometries, tessellated elements, and delicate tracery in order to create jewellery with enduring appeal.
Another source of inspiration can be the Twist and Shine Trend I mentioned before. The jewels in this trend are dynamic and can transform themselves. The pieces are inspired by the architectural principles of deconstructivism, which encouraged freedom of form and gave rise to incredible, new aesthetics based on complex geometries.

Change and surprise play a pivotal role in these creations. Perhaps a sweeping band of pavé diamonds or a striking solitaire. Asymmetric diamond clusters or mixed cuts build interest. Last, but by no means least, introduce silhouettes based on sculptural twists that stun from every angle. Precious wedding colliers and earrings can be transformed and easily worn in a simpler necklace or as a stud earring for more relaxed occasions.
How is the consumer sentiment currently?
Luxury remains on the top of consumers’ minds. Customers have proved to be looking for jewellery that has a meaning and family value. And the love for diamonds remains very strong and the intention to acquire diamonds and jewellery remains high.
Research has also underlined a deep attention of customers for sustainability. Forevermark diamonds meets this need. Our diamonds are carefully sourced from mines located South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Canada. Forevermark diamonds are mined deep below the ground, from the ocean and even beneath the Arctic lake. Each mine is required to uphold high business, social and environmental standards.
Economic and social closures have had a significant impact on the jewellery industry and have also affected every stage of the supply chain. So, De Beers is improving its strategy and rethinking about customer engagement methods, whether through different distribution channels, or the balance of the product offering, or the role of major sellers and the online points of contact.
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