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April 15, 2024

Image from Christie’s

Elton John’s iconic fashion and personal art collection up for auction at Christie’s 

By Zara Dmello

In a spectacular celebration of musical legend Elton John’s illustrious career, Christie’s is set to host a series of landmark sales at Rockefeller Centre this February, featuring not only an extraordinary collection of personal artefacts but also an enthralling array of fashion pieces that have come to define John’s iconic style. 

Image from Christie’s
Image courtesy: Christie’s 

Renowned for his distinctive fashion sense over his five-decade-long career, Elton John’s wardrobe has become as legendary as his chart-topping hits. From funky glasses, dazzling sequins, audacious prints and a whole lot of glamour, John’s style has evolved into a visual signature. In the early days of his career, John’s unique approach to fashion set him apart from his rock and roll contemporaries who were, eschewing the androgynous trends of glam rock. His looks were crafted to reflect his personality and upbringing, infused with opulence and playfulness. 

His outfits, often as funny as they were fabulous, included sequin-covered baseball uniforms and jackets adorned with depictions of Donald Duck, The Statue of Liberty, Minnie Mouse, and Louis XIV—each designed to complement his performances or inject a touch of whimsy into high-profile events like the Grammys and Oscars night parties. 

Image from Christie’s

Image courtesy: Christie’s

Elton John’s maximalist tastes have made him a muse for designers, with his collaborations with Alessandro Michele producing luxurious pieces inspired from John’s vintage tour looks and offering fans a chance to partake in his unique style. 

This February, Christie’s will present not just the tangible artefacts of Elton John’s career but a journey into the very essence of the man himself. The series of sales, both live and online, mark a turning point in the singer’s personal journey, offering collectors a rare chance to own a piece of his rich history. 

Central to this collection is Elton John’s former Atlanta home, a place that played a pivotal role in his life and recovery. Acquiring the condominium in 1992, the singer found solace in the warm community and recovery facilities of Atlanta, a city that supported him through his journey to sobriety.  

Image courtesy: Christie’s
Private Art Collections

Tash Perrin, Deputy Chairman, Christie’s Americas, expressed the privilege of partnering with Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish in curating this extraordinary auction titled The Collection of Sir Elton John: Goodbye Peachtree Road. The multi-category sale features not only a diverse array of remarkable objects encapsulating Elton’s unique life but also provides a glimpse into the profound impact that the city of Atlanta had on him. 

The collection, which includes an in-depth look at Elton John’s passion for photographs and highly intimate artworks crafted personally for him and David Furnish, promises to be a visual feast. Highlights include Damien Hirst’s Your Song and a portrait by Julian Schnabel, both revealing the deep connections within this trove of artistic treasures. 

Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted by the inclusion of pieces from Elton John’s vivacious stage wardrobe, including the Ivory and Gold Ensemble designed by Annie Reavey in circa 1971, a historical set of stage attire crafted exclusively for him. 

Elton John’s eclectic tastes extended beyond fashion to the Versace-adorned upholstery in his Atlanta apartment, honouring his enduring friendship with the Versace family. Vintage Gianni Versace shirts, tableware, and home décor from the collection will be available for auction, offering a glimpse into his personal sanctuary. 

Image from Christie’s
Image from Christie’s

Christie’s celebration of Elton John’s farewell to Peachtree Road will extend with live day sales on February 22nd, including Important Photographs, and on February 23rd, Peachtree Road, featuring decorative arts and interiors. 

Online sales open for bids on February 9 and will close respectively on February 27th with Elton’s Versace, Honky Château, and The Jewel Box. The second day of online sales will end on February 28th with Love and Lust, Elton’s Superstars, and Out of the Closet

The exhibition, offering a dynamic view into the world of Elton John, will be free and open to the public from February 9th through February 21st from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Christie’s 20 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City—a rare opportunity to witness the convergence of music, fashion, and art in the legacy of a living legend.  

Sale Dates: 

Evening Sale

Wednesday February 21st at 5:00pm 

The Day Sale

SESSION I – Important Photographs – Thursday February 22nd at 10:00am

SESSION II – Peachtree Road – Friday February 23rd at 10:00am 

Online Sale

Tuesday, February 27th 

Elton’s Versace – 10:00am 

Honky Château – 12:00pm 

The Jewel Box – 2:00pm 


Wednesday, February 28th  

Love and Lust – 10:00am 

Elton’s Superstars – 12:00pm 

Out of the Closet – 2:00pm 


Open to the public from February 9th – 21st 

Monday – Saturday from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Sunday 1:00 PM – 5:00 pm Christie’s – 20 Rockefeller Plaza 

For more information, visit Christie’s official website.

Zara Flavia Dmello


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