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February 24, 2024

Falguni Shane Peacock on Kaleidoscope of Time, Chivas Alchemy’s 4th edition

Arushi Sakhuja
Celebrating the layers of time in couture, art, music, and cuisine, Chivas Alchemy’s fourth edition, Kaleidoscope of Time took place in Mumbai on May 6. Joining hands with 18 illustrious connoisseurs from couture, art, music, and food fraternities, Chivas Alchemy showcased their signature works that brought two eras together in the world of luxury.
Chivas Alchemy's fourth edition, Kaleidoscope of Time
Photo Courtesy: Chivas Alchemy
Presenting the collage of creations with couture, Chivas Alchemy showcased over 25 signature styles of 9 eminent designers. The new-age experimental design powerhouses included Dhruv Kapoor, Huemn, Bloni and Anvita Sharma while the distinguished designers present were Shantnu and Nikhkil, Namrata Joshipura, Falguni Shane Peacock, Rajesh Pratap Singh and JJ Valaya.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer of Pernod Ricard India said, “Chivas Alchemy is an extraordinary embodiment of craftsmanship & luxury, much like its timeless blend. Through this kaleidoscopic experience, we aim to inspire our consumers to embrace the timeless richness of the legacy as well as the possibilities of the new age, unlike ever before.” Sunil Sethi, Founder of Sunil Sethi Design Alliance and co-curator said, “This year, with Chivas Alchemy, we wanted to celebrate the complexity of time in luxury. We created an exquisite convergence of art, design, and luxury.”
Chivas Alchemy's fourth edition,
Photo Courtesy: Chivas Alchemy
LuxeBook caught up with Falguni & Shane Peacock to know how they created their design, Shifting Symphonies for Chivas Alchemy’s Kaleidoscope of Time.
How have you explored the theme of Kaleidoscope of Time through your designs at Chivas Alchemy?
For the Chivas Alchemy, we’ve created an art installation titled Shifting Symphonies. The art installation is about the shifts in time, and we wanted to create something that everyone can interpret themselves. So we created the pickup woman, who basically is very glamorized. And at the same time, she’s wearing a gown. If you see the end, it’s a leopard head that’s taken from part of our logo. So that represents empowerment; there are two daggers on the shoulders that basically say how people perceive. Sometimes they see you as glamorous and at the same time they try to put you down, so it’s what you take from it. The dagger serves as a potent symbol, of the dual nature of passion. On one hand, it empowers and uplifts us, while on the other, it can be a source of judgment and scrutiny.
Chivas Alchemy's fourth edition, Kaleidoscope of Time
Photo Courtesy: Falguni Shane/ Instagram
What inspired you to choose these signature pieces for the Kaleidoscope of Time? 
I think when Falguni was deciding what we were supposed to do, we decided we’ll do an art installation that would represent us as a brand. We also wanted to represent a woman at the same time. We wanted to represent time, we wanted to represent glamour, we wanted to represent a surreal moment, and everyone takes their own interpretation from it. So that was the thing of how do we embody the peacock woman? We infuse our brand ethos into it. We’ve taken things from like a logo. If you see there’s art out there, the logo is there on it. The head of the mannequin is a leopard, which is from a logo. The gown is what we do – stunning. Then there’s crystallized and glamorous. There are roses coming out from the body. So it’s a kind of a different interpretation of what everyone can take on how they want to take.
 Kaleidoscope of Time
Photo Courtesy: Chivas Alchemy
What does the future of fashion look like?
I think we are in a very interesting space right now, especially when we live in a world where there is AI. We used AI six years back for interesting creations, and today we are actually seeing it come to the common man. So I feel it’s a very interesting space we are living in. There has been a move from influencers to Gen z’s and there are a lot of cross-cultural things happening. Further, social media has brought different worlds together. Like, in a second, you know exactly what’s happening in New York or Dubai right now. You can keep up with trends. I think we are living in a very exciting time.
What new experiments are underway for you?
We’re constantly experimenting – whether we’re experimenting on looks, shoots or the next collection. We are always experimenting with art and I think that’s what helps us evolve because we’re constantly creating and pushing our boundaries.
Kaleidoscope of Time
Photo Courtesy: Chivas India/ Instagram
You’ve experimented with feathers for a decade now and now they are back in gold. Do you plan to make feathers great again?
We’ve always had feathers. There are times when clients come back and say, I want feathers on it. (Laughing) So even if we try to move away from it, people are still putting us back into that. It is a part of Falguni Shane Peacock. It is also a part of FSP which stands for feathers, sequins and prints.
The designer duo have also recently launched their newest collection ‘A Poeme By The Lake: Kashmir’. The latest collection is inspired by the natural beauty of Kashmir and its continual theme of emotions of love. Through this collection, Falguni Shane Peacock want their viewers to be transported to the enchanted land of Kashmir, where they experience the magic of love and beauty. 
Photo Courtesy: Falguni Shane Peacock
The collection features intricate embroidery, and stunning motifs that are an ode to the paradisiacal beauty of the region while beautifully showcasing traditional Kashmiri embroideries. The colour palette includes Pantone colours Kashmir Green and Kashmir Blue are inspired by the natural beauty of the region. While Kashmir Green is a soothing, earthy green shade that evokes the lush green valleys and forests of the region, Kashmir Blue, on the other hand, is a deep, rich blue that is reminiscent of the sparkling lakes and clear skies of Kashmir. Together, these two colours along with an array of colours that are borrowed from the flowers in Kashmir, capture the essence of the region and incorporate the beauty of Kashmir into their collection.
Photo Courtesy: Falguni Shane Peacock
A poeme by the lake Kashmir - Falguni Shane Peacock
Photo Courtesy: Falguni Shane Peacock
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