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July 20, 2024

Feel festive with Beyond Designs’ latest collection of bespoke living rooms

With a strong hold in the luxury interior design business, Beyond Designs has been championing the art of transitioning residences into bespoke homes. Every project is exclusive and different and is inspired by the magnificence of classic and contemporary designs. The brand’s newest narrative brings the zest of festivities into living rooms. The personalised collection reveals the grandeur of living spaces, with opulent elements of furniture, chandeliers, table lamps, cushions and statement accessories taking the lead.
Custom designed with the philosophy of their signature style, Beyond Designs’ creations showcase a lavish use of brass, onyx, crystals, velvet and leather. In its festive feat, the composition of timeless and modern pieces in one room renders a unique aesthetic quotient, with popping colours flowing seamlessly from one custom work to the other. But what’s interesting is that the space is still convenient and functional amidst its artsy factors like intense ornamentation and the use of precious materials in the focus.
Beyond designs festive collection
Carefully organised to depict a synchronized living room, its exquisite features include a gold-polished wooden sofa in velvet upholstery, a neatly crafted leather chair with rivets, a wooden chair with floral upholstery, brass side tables, a gleaming center table in onyx stone and a striking brass-crystal chandelier which delicately lights up the backdrop of the room.
Beyond designs festive collectionDiscover a cosy fireplace made out of white stone, embellished with a wooden mirror. On the carpet rests a petite center table in onyx stone and glasswork on its legs, surrounded with antique-looking leather chairs and a regal crystal-studded brass chandelier. The curated look makes for a fancy abode, peppered with a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces.
Beyond designs festive collection
In a liberal ambience, sits a white stone center table with cutwork glass legs, a fireplace and a gold-leaf patterned mirror, contrasted with a gild wooden sofa with velvet fabric upholstery. The large and wide window stretch offers a breathable feel, while also limited to some of the finest, festal pieces to adore the space.

Pratishtha Rana


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