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June 19, 2024

Fendi restores a heritage site

Four fountains, monumental fountains in the city of Rome have been restored to their glory after being shut for maintenance works. The overall cost of maintenance of Acqua Paola, Acqua Felice, Acqua Vergine and the Peschiera fountains was assumed entirely by Fendi as part of it’s Fendi for Fountains project.
Fendi for Fountains
On the morning of November 26, Mayor of Rome Virginia Ragi in the presence of President and Director of Fendi Maison Serge Brunschwig and Rome’s superintendent of cultural heritage inaugurated the reopening of these fountains. A public tender was floated following which the restoration works were undertaken by the firm Methodos by Valeria Mallia started on May 29 with the rebuilding of Acqua Paola and pescheira sites and then the Mosè and ninfeo del pincio were realised in the subsequent months.
Being the terminus of famous Roman aqueducts, three of these culturally important fountains were built in the imperial age and subsequently restored by Popes, while the Pescheira one was built in the modern age in 1949 and is considered to be one of Europe’s greatest acqueducts. “Rome has always had an important relationship with its fountains and aqueducts, which not only dispense water, yet evoke its preciousness as a symbol of life and rebirth” stated Virginia.
Fendi for Fountains
The basin of the fountains and all the lower parts of the front side were encrusted with calcareous (calcium carbonate) in addition to strengthening and plastering of the damages wherever needed. And finally the basins were waterproofed, inspections were made for electrical and water systems; the last process involved putting up an LED lightning system by the firm Areti under the instructions of Capitoline administration.
Fendi for Fountains

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