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June 23, 2024

Ferrari unveils the modified M Portofino, a powerful, speed monster

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari recently unveiled an updated version of its 2017 Portofino model, the Prancing Horse’s 2+ GT spider, Ferrari Portofino M. For the first time in the company’s history, their car was launched digitally, keeping in mind the current situation.
Portofino M is the first car that Ferrari unveiled in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This moment marks the ‘restart’ of Ferrari’s pursuit for innovation, while retaining its heritage, passion and constant search for perfection. ‘M’ stands for ‘Modificata’, referring to cars that have undergone an evolution that has significantly boosted their performance.
Courtesy: Ferrari
M Portofino. Courtesy: Ferrari
Prior to the launch, Ferrari sent a series of newsletters to clients, giving them access to view exclusive videos of the car, its restyling and other technical details.
The car is powered by a 3855cc engine from the V8 turbo family. It delivers 620 CVs at 7,500 rpm. There is a new 8-speed gearbox and a speed sensor, which is added to the turbocharger assembly. The exhaust system has a Gasoline Particulate Filter, which complies with the strictest European anti-pollution standards (Euro-6D).
It is also equipped with Variable Boost Management, Ferrari’s control software that adjusts torque delivery according to the gear selected. M Portofino has an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The two rear silencers have been eliminated and the by-pass valves are now oval in shape to enhance the exhaust sound.
Courtesy: Ferrari
M Portofino. Courtesy: Ferrari
Ferrari Styling Centre’s designers have highlighted the car’s characteristics through its exterior design, which is, both, elegant and sporty.
There are wraparound front bumpers, new air vent at wheel arch height, a slash on the front bumper and flanks. The signature Portofino side scallop rests on the front bumper. The grille has new aluminium slats featuring contrasting faceted tips. There’s a new rear exhaust system. The rear bumpers have been streamlined, while the redesigned diffuser has been separated from the bumpers. You can get it in carbon-fibre as well. The wheel rims have a specific diamond-finish.
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M Portofino. Courtesy: Ferrari
M Portofino. Courtesy: Ferrari
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The cockpit features a symmetrical arrangement. There’s a multi-level dashboard structure  the centre console, which has a 10.25′ central touch screen. A 7-inch touchscreen is fitted for the passenger as well. The car is equipped with infotainment system functions, Apple Car Play and Android Auto.



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