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June 23, 2024

France opens to Indian tourists: Must-try luxurious experiences across the country

Tanvi Gupta
For all those craving a vacation, we’ve got news! France has now opened its borders for fully vaccinated Indian tourists. What’s more? The new rules do not require kids or vaccinated tourists to undergo any quarantine. So while you start preparing for your next adventure, read our curation of the most luxurious experiences in France that you ought to partake in!
Create your own perfume
Image Courtesy- Fragonard
Fragonard conducts make your own perfume sessions followed by factory tours. The Apprentice Perfumer workshop, lasting 1½ hours, is run by a perfume professional at the historic Grasse factory.
Take to the skies with a hot-air balloon ride
France Montgolfieres
Image Courtesy- France Montgolfieres
A hot air balloon is a great way to see France’s glorious countryside stretching away beneath you. France Montgolfiere Balloons has a great selection of flights across France, with the Pyrenees and Provence represented in the south.
Sample some of the world’s best caviar 
Sturia Caviar
Image Courtesy- Sturia Caviar
Thanks to its association with culinary excellence and top-notch luxury, France is no stranger to caviar. Sturia Caviar specialises in some of the best – check out their website and indulge your inner gourmand!
Go truffle-hunting in Provence
Image Courtesy- Pixabay
Nothing speaks luxury and extravagant eating more than truffles. Winerist offers an amazing truffle hunting experiences in Provence, where you’ll learn the secrets of truffle hunting. Also you can sample some yourself and try your hand at hunting down some nuggets of ‘black gold’.
Partake in a wine-tasting experience
red wine
Image Courtesy- Pixabay
France is home to some of the worlds best vineyards and wineries. Bernard Magrez’s Luxury Wine Tours has several tasting experiences available at their Bordeaux winery, with the most expensive tailored especially to those who are looking for a few rare bottles for the cellar.
Blend your own champagne
Image Courtesy- Pixabay
Enjoy a two-day immersion in Epernay alongside Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps, where you’ll taste vintage cuvées before creating your own customised blend, complete with a golden plaque.
Ski the most glamorous slopes
Image Courtesy- Pixabay
Courchevel is home to three ‘Palace’-rated hotels in France and dozens more five-star properties, plus seven restaurants with 12 Michelin stars between them and the option to go heli-skiing on Swiss and Italian slopes (heli-skiing is not allowed in France)
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