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May 21, 2024

Give your living room a luxury makeover with Essentia Environment’s new collection

The centre of any household, the living room is a point of convergence for family and friends. Gurgaon-based interior designers Monica and Ardesh Chawla’s design and build company Essentia Environment has been undertaking projects of interior design, turnkey execution, and manufacture and supply of furniture and home decor accessories for the last fifteen years.
Essentia Environment’s latest launch is a new series of contemporary, luxury living rooms designed with pieces of furniture and accessories styled in perfectly crafted colour palettes.

The first room is large in width. And for living rooms with this much space, pieces of furniture need to be tied together to look and feel like one unit. A large greyscale carpet has been ingeniously employed to do the same. The carpet brings together three sides of seating, which are in the form of sofas and modern armchairs in colours that break the tonal monotony of the carpet and avantgarde centre table. This is also done by the big, abstract work of art on the wall.

The second room screams muted opulence. Accents of luxurious gold are seen in furniture and showpieces such as the armchair legs, centre table base, console tables, and lighting fixtures. Monotone artwork adorns the walls, adding just the right amount of character, while floor-to-ceiling mirrors visually expand the room.

The walls and seating of this monotone living room are in grey; albeit featuring a number of textures and gold accents throughout. The carpet, once again, ties together this large space along with a pair of large wood-finish centre tables as well as a pair of marble top ones. Artwork and floral arrangements add much-needed pops of colour, highlighted by natural light that pours into the room through huge glass windowpanes and doors. A false ceiling with recessed lighting is a good addition to a room that has a lofty ceiling such as this one.

The fourth design shows a comparatively smaller-sized room that is made to look larger with glass walls on all sides, visually opening up space. Abundant seating is seen in different styles, along with wooden panelling, and several statement pieces such as a deer sculpture, contemporary chandelier, and an eclectic artwork.

Kannav Chaudhary


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