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February 27, 2024

IHCL SeleQtions Unveils The 2024 Marquee Cup 

Image from SeleQtions MarQuee Cup

In a dazzling display of sophistication and equestrian excellence, Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), India’s premier hospitality company, marked a milestone as they unveiled ‘The SeleQtions Marquee Cup 2024.’ The grand finale of this prestigious sport took place in collaboration with the esteemed Amateur Rider’s Club at the iconic Mahalaxmi Racecourse on January 15. 

The match signalled SeleQtions’ entrance into the hosting such distinguished gatherings, setting the stage for an annual celebration of brilliant horsemanship —the SeleQtions Marquee Cup. 

Image from SeleQtions MarQuee Cup

The event unfolded as a feast for the senses, with a menu curated to perfection and the culinary delights were expertly paired with a curated selection of beverages from President, IHCL SeleQtions. To add a touch of innovation and flair, a Qmin food truck, the epitome of gourmet on wheels, graced the event, providing a delightful culinary journey that perfectly complemented the experience as a whole. 

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the glittering city lights embraced the night, the gripping polo match unfolded before the bleachers, enchanting spectators with the grace and power of both horse and rider. Many refer to cricket as a gentleman’s sport but I – nervously – beg to differ. The title seems far more fitting with Polo. And gentlemen they were, manoeuvring the ball and their individual horses with ease and prowess.

The SeleQtions Marquee Cup 2024 witnessed the convergence of equestrian enthusiasts, celebrities, and connoisseurs of luxury, culminating a wonderful atmosphere of celebration. 

At some point in the match, when the umpire deliberated over a foul, Ishaan Khattar was invited to speak on his experience with the game as a relatively recent player. He mentioned, “without revealing too much”, that he began learning the sport in preparation for an upcoming role and expressed his respect for the seasoned players who were offering viewers quite the spectacle.

Image from SeleQtions MarQuee Cup

In the midst of the riveting competition, the triumphant victory of Dynamix Achievers stole the spotlight, showcasing their unparalleled skill and commendable performance. The thrill of the match mirrored the essence of SeleQtions – a commitment to excellence and an unwavering pursuit of perfection.

The collaboration with the Amateur Rider’s Club showcased SeleQtions’ dedication to fostering traditions and simultaneously highlighted the brand’s ability to curate events that resonate with evolving preferences. The Marquee Cup 2024 stands as a testament to IHCL’s vision of seamlessly blending heritage and modernity. 

As the curtains drew to a close on this spectacular evening, the echoes of hooves, clinking glasses, and joyous applause lingered in the air. Leaving behind memories of a luxurious affair, it seamlessly merged the opulence of IHCL SeleQtions with the rich tapestry of equestrian tradition. 

Zara Flavia Dmello


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