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July 23, 2024

In conversation with one of the most popular musician couple in Mumbai, Lindsay and Reena.

Prayag Acharya

Lindsay Pitter recalls his biggest source of inspiration for music has been “The Eagles” since his early childhood days that he can remember. While most kids his age back then would be playing and goofing around, he would be collecting band records and gazing at musicians playing his favourite songs at his Sunday church visits. Now, having spent the last 20 years persistently doing the hustle as a musician couple in Mumbai (Reena Vaz being the female singer and himself as the bass guitarist+male singer), Lindsay speaks about their unique ways of coping with this pandemic, their struggles along the way of reaching the level of popularity they have today and their views on how they think this is going to affect the music industry on a larger scale.
Image via Lindsay Pitter’s Facebook
Q- How did you and Reena reach the popularity and level of success you are at today? What are some of the biggest gigs you have played?
We have worked really hard since day one. We have never had things fall into our laps. We have physically approached people to offer us gigs, and most importantly we have always taken feedback very seriously from other musicians. We also really believe in listening to what our employers want and understanding their demands.
Some of the biggest gigs would be one of the wedding parties of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. We’ve also played for Sachin Tendulkar’s 44th Birthday party. We also recently got associated with the Adani’s and they went as far as to fly us to Rome to play at one of their events there.
Image via Lindsay Pitter’s Facebook
Q- How are you and your fellow artists coping with this pandemic and how do you think has this affected you as a musician?
Everyone is coping with it in different ways and in the best ways they can. Personally, I’m trying to make the most of it in a beneficial way by learning how to play the saxophone which I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the time to. Spending more time with my partner Reena, and enjoying simple things like cooking etc. This quarantine has given us the downtime to sit back and slow down a little as for the last 20 years we’ve been constantly working.
Q- Since a large part of your gigs involve playing at events, high-end hotels and restaurants, what are you drifting towards now given the current situation? 
We have been lucky enough to be able to play 3 gigs during this quarantine for people/online events through ‘Zoom’ which I’m very new to. Surprisingly people really enjoyed it. We have also done a few performances on Facebook for some restaurants and their social media pages which ended up getting around 10,000 views. So we have really been turning towards the digital platform for earning money.
Q- What is your advice for anyone aspiring to follow your path as a musician? 
For people trying to get gigs and jobs as a musician, one of my main suggestions for them is to always keep in mind the songs and music that the client wants and likes. There should be a combination of the musician’s personal favourites and the client’s choice, but mainly giving the client what they want.
Image via Lindsay Pitter’s Facebook
Secondly, always keep trying to learn new aspects of the music industry and positively learn to take feedback and try to improve your craft as a musician no matter how long you’ve been doing performances. Be humble.
Next, pricing is very important. You don’t want to be too expensive neither should you be too affordable. You should allow yourself to be accessible. Presentability is also very important. I believe one should always be well dressed and learn proper etiquettes. For us, we learnt everything about it at our 10 years in Taj hotel Colaba.
Q- Any particular expectations you have from the government to support artists like you in this difficult time?
I would want the government to help people who have much more pressing needs and who are in much worse conditions. But I would say that the government should help people with different kinds of loans who aren’t able to earn for themselves. The government should deal with the banks to help the people.
Hearing about their passion for music and empathy for our country facing this pandemic is making us grow a deep sense of admiration for both of them.


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