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May 18, 2024

Indulgent mango desserts to try out this summer

Schenelle Dsouza 
Calling out all mango lovers! Mango season is officially here which means indulgent mango desserts are all the rage right now. From tarts and Danish to cream cakes and cheesecakes, pastry chefs have whipped out some truly indulgent recipes that double the fun of eating a mango. And if you’re a mango aficionado like us, there’s no doubt you’ll love these.
Check out some of the season’s best mango desserts below.
Lumpia with Mango, Almond and Vanilla ice cream, Cafe Panama
Cafe Panama
Photo Courtesy: Cafe Panama
A traditional Indonesian dessert, lumpia is a sweet caramelised dessert enjoyed by many. To celebrate the king of fruits, Cafe Panama recreated the dessert using almond cream in combination with fresh Alphonso mango. It is served with a side of vanilla Icecream and pickled raw mango for a sweet and tarty flavour.
Mango and Gianduja Chocolate with Raw Mango Sorbet, Nara Thai
Nara Thai 
Photo Courtesy: Nara Thai
BKC’s popular Nara Thai restaurant curated a delicious mango creation called the Mango and Gianduja Chocolate with Raw Mango Sorbet. The dessert combines the richness of gianduja chocolate with the tanginess of raw mango sorbet perfected with chunks of sweet Alphonso mango.
Mango Blueberry Tres Leches, Seeds of Life
Seeds of Life
Photo Courtesy: Seeds of Life
Best known for its guilt-free dishes, Seeds of Life curated a special sweet treat for mango lovers – the mango chocolate cake. Rich and moist, this vegan dessert uses a healthy balance of chocolate and fresh mango puree delivering a dessert that is gluten- and sugar-free making it an indulgent yet guilt-free treat for all! 
Mango Coconut and Lime, Plural x Blanchette
Plural x Blanchette 
Photo Courtesy: Plural x Blanchette
One of Mumbai’s well-known vegan spots, Plural collaborated with dessert brand Blanchette for a limited edition menu. The Mango Coconut and Lime is a special treat for mango lovers. The dessert incorporates a coconut lime cake layered with fresh mango jam and Kerala vanilla ice cream.
Mango Eclair, The Burrow
The Burrow
Photo Courtesy: The Burrow
Eclairs are one of the most decadent desserts one can find. Pair it with sweet fresh mango and you have a dessert made for royalty. The Burrow’s decadent mango eclair includes a pistachio chantilly cream layered between a savoury choux dough and topped with fresh mango and roasted pistachios for a sweet and crunchy mix.
Mango Filo Fire, Foo
Photo Courtesy: Foo
India’s beloved Pan-Asian restaurant, Foo just unveiled a new mango dessert, the Mango Filo Fire made with a filo cup filled with mascarpone cream cheese and fresh chunks of sweet mango. The dish is then garnished with filo julienne and a side of (extra) mango, because why not!  
Mango Fraiser, KOKO
Photo Courtesy: KOKO
KOKO’s season special Mango Fraisier is a tropical take on the classic French dessert. A moist eggless almond sponge cake is topped with fresh Alphonso mango followed by a layer of mango crémeux and garnished with tiny scopes of fresh mango covered with French biscuit. 
Mango Sticky Rice, Yazu Goa 
Photo Courtesy: Yazu Goa
Mango Sticky Rice is a classic Thai dessert that is light yet refreshing making it perfect for the summer. The dessert includes sticky rice cooked in coconut milk which is layered and topped with sweet, juicy mango slices.
Mango Dessert Menus 
Bloom Cafea
Bloom Cafea
Photo Courtesy: Bloom Cafea
Bandra’s all-day eatery, Bloom Cafea unveiled its summer mango menu which includes delectable mango-themed offerings from starters and salads to main courses and desserts. The desserts are especially enticing with delights like mango French toast. The brioche bread is soaked in a thick mango puree and served alongside fresh mango cubes, whipped cream, a mango sauce, and pistachio. Pancake lovers will especially enjoy the mango pancake served with mango biscuit ice cream, whipped cream, fresh berries, mango crumble, and fresh mint. Another indulgent option is the mango cheesecake and mango tres leches (vegan), both sweet, decadent and perfect to end a meal.
Cafe 49
Cafe 49
Photo Courtesy: Cafe 49
Another mango-themed menu, Cafe 49’s new Mango Menu boasts an extensive selection of delectable pastries. These include the classics like mango fresh cream, mango baked cheesecake, and mango dark chocolate as well as signatures such as mango lotus biscoff baked cheesecake, mango nutella, and mango blueberry pastries.
Cafe 49
Photo Courtesy: Cafe 49
The mango coconut mousse is a lighter curation blending the tropical flavours of mango and coconut. For decadence on a plate, try out the mango caramel tart which boasts a rich buttery crust and a smooth caramel filling, topped with juicy mango pieces. Adding to the mango delights, Cafe 49 also has a selection of dessert tubs, which include mango lotus biscoff, mango nutella, mango fraisier, and mango saffron pistachio.
The BlueBop Cafe
The BlueBop Cafe 
Photo Courtesy: The BlueBop Cafe
Not exactly a special menu, nonetheless The BlueBop Cafe’s addition of mango desserts to its existing menu are definite must-try. From light bites like creamy mango pops and mango misu to sweet and savoury treats like mango Danish and mango tart,  to the indulgent summer flower pot. Each dessert is crafted using some of the freshest mangoes in combination with other delicious ingredients that elevate the flavour of the fruit with overpowering it.
The BlueBop Cafe 
Photo Courtesy: The BlueBop Cafe
The Sassy Spoon & The Sassy Teaspoon
The Sassy Spoon
Photo Courtesy: The Sassy Spoon
The Sassy Spoon knows how to make desserts fun, decadent and delicious. For the royal mango season, both The Sassy Spoon and The Sassy Teaspoon curated a range of delectable mango desserts ranging from light and fluffy to rich and decadent. Try delights like the baked mango cheesecake paired with cookie crumbs and vanilla ice cream or the mango & biscoff mousse for a nutty tropical treat. Another hot treat is the mango Malibu tiramisu. Combining the richness of coffee with the sweetness of mangoes, this is a coffee lover’s dream!
The Sassy Spoon
Photo Courtesy: The Sassy Spoon
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