When you enter this sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. home on Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road, you can’t stop but marvel at the expanse of the space. The beautiful home, designed by leading interior designers Hardesh and Monica Chawla of Essentia Environments, creates a bold statement with its clean, minimal approach.
The Chawlas over the last two decades have designed high-end residences and commerical spaces in India and Dubai and have worked with top brands like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Intex and others.
Don’t miss the low-hanging ceiling in the right hand corner

aerial view of the home

The duplex house follows a neutral palette of greys, whites and beige while large works of art and art installations add character to the home.

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luxury homeMaster BedroomStrong geometrical lines and shapes are used generously across the rooms to add visual interest. These dominate the carpet, the art, the positioning of 9 artworks, niches and even through the walls, windows and doors.

bathroom decor ideas

The foliage wall lights up the space and brings greenery indoors as well.dining room with minimal lighting
Some of the lights and fixtures have an Art Deco element to it.
The house has a lot of floor-to-ceiling windows to capitalise on the panoramic views as well as illuminate the space with plenty of natural light during the day.


“Good design is always simple and hence is so complicated to execute,” says Essentia Environments’ Co-Founder Hardesh Chawla.
All the furnishings have been made by Essentia’s in-house manufacturing unit.

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