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Inspiration: The best illustrations created in the COVID-19 lockdown

Riya Marwadi

Lockdown has restricted businesses and changed lifestyles, but creativity has only grown. Today, we give you some art motivation with these creative illustrations Instagram handles.
1. Zoe Harveen Kaur – Digital Artist 
Zoe Kaur puts together simple illustrations that generate powerful meanings. Here’s one dedicated to all the cool moms out there.

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Give me all the jewels ✨ while jewelry is something I love and adore, jewelry in South Asian cultures has larger significance than beauty. Bridal jewelry and jewels worn in wedding ceremonies often symbolize wealth and power, but also symbolize two families becoming one. Additionally, there are numerous pieces of jewelry that represent religion. Jewelry, in Hinduism, is connected to the beautiful Gods and Goddesses and their blessing for the wearer’s future. Here, I have portrayed varying pieces such as chumkas, tikkas, earrings, necklaces and chooriyan all in gold, to symbolize health and prosperity 💫 the purpose of this piece is to open ideas to the meaning of jewelry in South Asian community, and to create a sense of appreciation for this aspect of our culture 🙌🏽

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2. Ayush Kalra – Indian illustrator and animator 
Ayush Kalra‘s funky illustrations sum up all our moods while quarantined. Pick yours and see which one suits your personality best!


3. Artandfound.co
Here’s an inspiring piece of art posted by artandfound.co portraying the ‘New Normal’ in the post-pandemic world. They’re currently working on ‘designfightscovid’ to stimulate hope across the world! 

4. Hanifa Abdul Hameed – Designer
Hanifa Hameed, an upcoming designer, posted two of her stunning illustrations during the quarantine. Each of these designs addresses the new trend of masks in the society.

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Trendiest accessory around 😷

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5. Jordi Labanda- Visual artist 
Here’s a simple but impressive illustration from Jordi Labanda’s ‘Instagram For These Days’ collection – a creative way to express the current lifestyle.

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