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June 21, 2024

International Tea Day: The best teas in India

Stefan Pereira

Today, May 21, has been marked by the United Nations as International Tea Day, to celebrate this staple beverage that keeps people happy and supports the livelihood of many across the globe. India is one of the biggest tea consuming and growing nations.
We celebrate today with premium brew brands and their efforts to bring to you the world’s finest teas.
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No.3 Clive Road
Based in Delhi, No.3 Clive Road delivers exquisite, hand-blended teas. Their collection has a variety of classics and blends, from fine Darjeeling tea to Madurai Masala blend.
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Chado made its mark in the Indian market in 2008 by offering loose-leaf teas that allow consumers to experience tea differently. One of their most impressive offerings is the Pu-erh tea, a fermented tea, which gets better with age.
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The Hillcart tales
Launched last year, this Kolkata-based tea brand is backed by a family that has been in the tea business for five generations. The brand has a variety of loose-leaf, classic teas. Their signature is dessert teas such as their apple strudel or tiramisu blends.
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The Good Life co.
Founded in 2016, this Mumbai-based brand sources its tea leaves and exotic ingredients from Taiwan, China, and Sri Lanka as well as India. These are often mixed in with flowers, dry fruits, and natural flavours to create exotic blends.
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Anandini Himalaya tea
Started by Anamika Singh, this second-generation tea business sources its single blends from the family’s Manjhee Valley Tea Estate. They primarily offer loose-leaf tea blends along with muslin tea bags, which keeps the product fresh for longer.
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Teabox India
Teabox India has almost dominated the duty-free space at Indian airports, selling some of the finest teas. Their popular tea box, which packs different kinds of teas is a must-try. Our favourite is definitely their Kesar Rose Chai.
Tea Trunk
Tea Trunk, founded by tea sommelier Snigdha Manchanda, has an ardent fan following in the country. It only serves natural teas and claims that their packets do not include any artificial colours or additives. And they have immunity-boosting and anti-ageing teas as well.
Chai Craft
Another noteworthy brand is Chai Craft. They too have a variety of teas. butt whole chamomile flower infusion is a must-try.
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