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June 21, 2024

IPL 2020 Finals: Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians, which team wins the high life game?

Pratishtha Rana & Shivani Pathak
It looks like the battle between Mumbai and Delhi is a never-ending one. From food, fashion, luxury, lifestyle to the deep-rooted North v/s West culture war, there’s much to debate and banter about the two. But today, this clash is on the cricket field; the 2020 IPL Finals between the four-time trophy winners Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals.
While the players led by Mumbai’s captain Rohit Sharma and Delhi’s captain Shreyas Iyer play it out with high-action fours and sixes at the Dubai International Stadium, we at LuxeBook let you decide, which team is living the luxury life better, off the field.
Off the field times
All the IPL teams have been staying in some of the finest hotels of Dubai and Abu Dhabi ever since they arrived in the UAE for IPL 2020.
While Mumbai Indians have been living in Abu Dhabi’s St. Regis, the Delhi Capitals team has Dubai’s Palace Downtown as their temporary home. When the seasoned players weren’t scoring runs on the pitch, they were seen letting their hair down, enjoying hearty meals and reveling in the beauty of Dubai.
Shreyas Iyer, Instagram
Courtesy – Shreyas Iyer official Instagram
Krunal Pandya in Dubai
Courtesy – Krunal Pandya official Instagram
Shikhar Dhawan
Courtesy – Shikhar Dhawan official Instagram
Hardik Pandya in Dubai
Courtesy – Hardik Pandya official Instagram
Fashion forward
Fashion and clothing choices speak tons about cricketers’ style preferences – some are laid back and some are too theatrical. Take for example, Mumbai Indians’ all-rounder Hardik Pandya loves bling, pattern and street style. He is often spotted donning outfits by Balmain, Versace and Louis Vuitton.
Hardik Pandya in Versace
Hardik Pandya in Versace
While his teammate and hitman Rohit Sharma takes it easy with simpler outfits that scream subtle luxury. Here, he’s wearing an uber-cool floral shirt by Highlander, paired with a Hublot wrist candy.
Rohit Sharma in Highlanders shirt and Hublot watch
Delhi Captials’ Shreyas Iyer is strong contender in athleisure fashion. Iyer is a big sneaker head, too, and has an overflowing shoe closet.

While his teammate Shikhar Dhawan has time and again proved that no one carries Indian outfits better than him.

The couple charm
The new mom-dad couple, Hardik and Nataša Stanković, a Serbian model-actress, complement each other’s lively fashion choices well.
Hardik Pandya with wife Natasa
Hardik Pandya with wife Natasa
Sharma and his wife Ritika Sajdeh tied the knot in 2015 and welcomed their little daughter Samairaa in 2018. From their many pictures on social media, it seems the duo loves beach holidays!
Rohit Sharma with wife Ritika
Rohit Sharma with wife Ritika
Dhawan and wife Ayesha, too, enjoy taking a trip abroad to watch sport tournaments such as the Australian Open. Quality time indeed off the cricket pitch.
Shikhar Dhawan and Aesha Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan with wife Aesha Dhawan
Fitness fever
On the fitness front, cricketers from both the teams have their individual and a rather distinct style of working out and handling weights. Shikhar Dhawan or ‘Gabbar’ enjoys a run with son Zorawar at his spacious home ground.


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Captain Rohit Sharma doesn’t shy away from showing off his muscle game, which is evidently quite strong!  Pull ups, push ups, deadlifts and crunches seem to be his go-to exercises.

Hardik Pandya’s fitness bouts are not just limited to his gymnasium and home. He is also a frequent visitor at celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala’s studio for pilates. Karachiwala had also posted an Instagram story wishing Pandya a happy birthday recently with a video of him doing an intense rope workout.


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Delhi Capitals’ Captain Shreyas Iyer loves  adventurous workouts. Be it a 127cm high jump or a challenging hop push-up using his couch at home.


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The Lucky Jersey
If there is anything as iconic as the IPL franchise, it’s the team merchandise. Every team’s jersey rightfully represents some aspect of the team. 
Mumbai Indians 2020 jersey
Mumbai Indians 2020 jersey, Courtesy – Mumbai Indians official Instagram
The Mumbai Indians jersey has evolved quite a bit since 2008. The shade of the jerseys changed from light blue to dark after the first two seasons and the gold shoulder stripes showed up in 2010.
This year, the MI jersey has a hue of light blue in the front with gold stripes on the shoulder and sides. The sides of the t-shirt have a darker shade of blue. While blue is the distinctive colour of the team, the gold reflects the team’s numerous wins over the years that distinguishes them as champions. The name of the official sponsor Samsung is printed on the front side of the new jersey while the name of the channel ‘Colors‘ is printed on the back.
Delhi Vapitals Jersey 2020
Delhi Capitals Jersey 2020, Courtesy – Delhi Capitals Official Twitter
The Delhi Capitals jersey has changed as well. The jersey is of a lighter and brighter shade of blue that reflects the vibrance and zeal of nayi dilli. The red colour has been restricted to under the collar and across the sleeves.
An emblem of three tigers in the background symbolises the team’s hunger for victory while the tiger stripes on the back reflects the pride to roar. The centre of the jersey has the logo of Delhi’s prime sponsor JSW.
On 5th October, Delhi Capitals also donned a special colourful jersey for a day in their match against Royal Challengers Bangalore. The jersey had multi-coloured stripes across the mid-riff against the sky-blue background and was specially designed to mark the partnership between JSW Paints – part of the JSW group that owns the Delhi Capitals and the IPL franchise. 
Delhi Capitals, special Jersey
Delhi Delhi Capitals Special JSW paints Jersey, Courtesy – Delhi Capitals official Instagram
The final battle of the season
The IPL finals between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals will be held at the Dubai stadium, formerly known as Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium. The Dubai stadium is interestingly known as the ‘Ring of Fire’, because there are 350 Floodlights installed in a way that shadows on the ground are minimised. 
Dubai Cricket Stadium
Dubai Stadium, Courtesy – Delhi Capitals official Twitter


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