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June 20, 2024

Is crochet summer’s go-to fashion style?

Arushi Sakhuja
While growing up, we’ve seen crochet being our grandmother’s hobby, but today crochet is the new IT fashion trend. With summer at its peak, nothing says warmer days much like the new trend. Filled with colour, it adds the perfect joyful touch to a darker ensemble. While bikinis are being mass-produced in crochet, here’s looking at the fashion trend in review.
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
Photo Courtesy: Zimmerman/ Instagram
A brief history
Crochet is one of the oldest forms of art and craft that has been used for recreational purposes for decades. Allowing creativity to express itself through different weaves, crochet is an art that champions thread and threadwork. Getting its name from the French word for hook, it is a form of needlework consisting of a doubly interloped structure built from a chain foundation.
chloe bag
Photo Courtesy: Chloé/ Instagram
The boom of crochet can be attributed to the 1600s and it was back in the day that women used this medium of art as a leisurely way to spend time while channelling their creativity. However, the earliest known recorded crochet patterns were printed in 1824 and were typically patterns for luxurious purses of gold and silver silk thread. From coasters to teapot covers and table linen, there was a time when crochet was hype as a home decor trend. But over time it transcended into one of the biggest fashion obsessions.
The resurgence of the trend
While contemporary forms of art have now taken over homes across the globe, the age-old art form has found a new expression in fashion this season. From the runway to high street brands, fashion mavericks across the globe have given the trend a big nod.
And we can say this time-honoured technique is surely getting high-fashion treatment.
Photo Courtesy: Loewe/ Instagram
It was in the 2020s that the trend unravelled as one of the biggest trends. Think crop tops, skirts, dresses, bags and hats; crochet has successfully taken over the fashion scene. Two years later, we can see the trend omnipresent. Today designer collections are championing crochet as its protagonist with colour iterations of the trend.
Photo Courtesy: Anthropologie/ Instagram
Hailey Bieber
Photo Courtesy: Hailey Bieber/ Instagram
The trend today
A couple of years ago crochet was considered a fashion faux pas, but given the cyclical nature of trends, it was only a matter of time before the trend made a reappearance. The last two years have seen a major return of the trend and with this, the fashion industry has brought back the human connection.
Crochet a quintessentially handmade style has taken over the runway. This season, brands are starting to return to new eco-friendly handcrafted designs while designers take inspiration from a bohemian aesthetic and completely reimagine the crochet technique, offering a modern take.
Prada crochet bag
Photo Courtesy: Lucy Williams/ Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Anthropologie/ Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Zimmerman/ Instagram
Crochet in all sorts of shades and patterns is in for summer. From Loewe to Chloé More, Isabel Marant, Fendi, Loewe, and Altuzarra, casual crochet separates in neutral shades are seen all over channelling the epitome of laid-back summer style.
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