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July 18, 2024

Jewellery takes lead in Bottega Veneta’s Pre Spring 2020 collection

Newness defines Bottega Veneta quite perfectly. The latest launch of the Italian fashion brand’s Pre Spring 2020 campaign is redefining its position in the luxury and fashion universe. Shot by the master photographer Tyrone Lebon, the campaign runs a series of photographs that convey iconography of modern luxury, with sensuality and elegance taking lead.

Photo by Tyrone Lebon for Bottega Veneta

Jewellery is the central theme of the Pre Spring 2020 campaign; the photographs highlight an over sized, knotted gold chain, which adorns silhouettes, colours, and patterns in a truly captivating way. One can witness an evident transition from subtle to strong to a balanced visual storytelling of art and fashion.

There is a certain rawness about every shot, where the glistening gold chain becomes an essential part of the models’ clothing. The interplay with various colours like smoked blue, pine green, caramel, black and nudes, jewellery and clothing has been portrayed as an effortless match in the fashion world, becoming the iconic brand’s new DNA.

Photo by Tyrone Lebon for Bottega Veneta

Based on the study of the cult of an icon and inspired by the Italian neo-realist cinema, Bottega Veneta’s Pre Spring 2020 campaign features model Jean Campbell and designer Andre Walker, two characters who play protagonists in the ever evolving narrative of Daniel Lee’s collection. Film director Fellini once said, “Neorealism is not about what you show, but how you show it.”

Photo by Esther Theaker for Bottega Veneta

Lee comments, “Bottega Veneta clothes are worn in context, mixed with real characters and live in the moment. They are elevated everyday and that’s what makes them powerful.”

Lee was appointed Creative Director of the Maison last year, in 2018. He brought with him a new approach, but in line with Bottega Veneta’s iconic legacy of style and luxury.

Photo by Tyrone Lebon for Bottega Veneta
Photo by Tyrone Lebon for Bottega Veneta

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