Photo credit: Chandan Bez Baruah
Delhi-based art gallery Latitude 28’s first exhibition of 2021 titled ‘If A Tree Falls (Somewhere In Northeast India)’ opened on January 22 and will go on until March.
2020 has, perhaps, been the most difficult year in living memory, and so the art gallery has continued their commitment to support contemporary art and artists, especially now, when the physical access to the gallery is still limited.

The exhibition has been Curated by Waswo X. Waswo and it features works by Chandan Bez Baruah whose meticulously executed woodcut print amalgamates the New Media technique and age-old craftsmanship.
A far cry from traditional pictorial landscape works, Chandan’s monochromatic vistas shows the untamed beauty of the forests in his home state Assam.

The photorealist style that the artists painstakingly employs is complicated by the chaos of the scenes—chaos, unlike the orderly compositions one might expect in more traditional and pictorialist vocabularies, yet which holds a graphic beauty of its own.

Chandan says that one purpose to his landscapes was to see the insight terrain of the marginalised or the subaltern and to situate postmodern landscapes as encountering romantic theory.
Venue: Gallery Latitude 28, Delhi
Date: January 22 to March 1, 2021
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday)
Photo credits: Chandan Bez Baruah
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