Lighting trends for 2023  

Arushi Sakhuja  
Lighting is an important design element for a home, and it can impact the mood and the cosiness of a room. A statement light can often pull together an entire design or make it look like a disastrous misfit. Let’s just say that lighting trends are the trump card of the world of interior design.
From flashy ceiling lights to wall brackets and chandeliers, to floor lamps and earthy options; lighting trends have transformed phenomenally in the last decade. The traditional use of a single bulb to light up a room has evolved to incorporate layered lighting in today’s homes. While some pivot away from spending those extra hours scouting for the perfect lighting option, others realise that lighting is an essential component of a successful design scheme. Floor lamps, wall lights, table and desk luminaires – these are just a few of the options available when mapping out a grand new lighting design scheme.
The evolution of the chandelier 
lighting trends
A Square Designs Unveils a Luxurious Living Room
While some designs are timeless classics, others have seen inventions and new iterations. However, the most on-trend ceiling lights are modern and sculptural chandeliers. They reinvent the classic shabby chic glass drop pendant into something that looks like an architectural masterpiece. “Trends reflect the cultural and political environment of the society. Design and art respond to these changes, as well as challenges, and it brings new perspectives or ideas as to how to look at the problem. The same applies to our jobs as designers of chandeliers,” said Jiri Krisica – Head of Design, Sans Souci. Adding further Sachin and Neha Gupta Founders and Interior Designer Duo at Beyond Designs shared, “As for the design of the lights from sleek to decorative, there are many brilliant styles available. Nature-inspired designs featuring leaves, floral patterns, feathers, antlers, snowflakes, and also geometric industrial designs are common. “
With a sparkling selection of new lighting being unveiled at the recent SuperSalone in Milan, London Design Festival and Decorex Internationa, lighting trends are evolving. “Among key trends today are sustainability and environment-friendly solutions, as well as the incorporation of smart technologies,” quoted Jiri. Below we’ve rounded up the top lighting trends for 2023.
Architectural Chandeliers 
lighting trends
A bold statement by Sans Souci
” Lighting for modern homes is all about invoking drama and making a statement. So bold, bespoke and scaled-up chandeliers and pendant lights are in vogue,” share duo Sachin and Neha Gupta Founders and Interior Designer Duo at Beyond Designs.  Chandeliers have been a lighting staple when it comes to grand home interiors. Some may associate the word with the image of shiny glass pendant drops hanging from a decorative iron or curved brass handle. Others may imagine a boudoir bedroom with high ceilings. But no matter what, chandeliers are here to stay! With modern iterations, the trend includes large-scale crystal chandeliers or uniquely designed modern lights. The use of such big and prominent elements can add a bold and opulent statement to your space.  For Jiri, it is not just about a chandelier being beautiful, but also practical and providing an ambience that is unique.
Sculptural Statements 
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Sans Souci Structural design lighting
Lighting doesn’t have to only be functional, it can be beautiful as well.  Whether you go for a romantic chandelier or a modern pendant, a striking light fixture can complete a living room. This season, it’s time to move on from the traditional curves and century-old details to architectural masterpieces that are statement-making. Bringing together artistic designs and functionality one of the key dining room lighting trends is sculptural pieces. Especially popular are glass-blown pieces in one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes. Such pieces are ideal to brighten the seating areas and create a focal point. Install a dimmer switch to be able to switch up the atmosphere and set the mood.
Luxurious Layered Lighting  
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CVL available at Sources Unlimited
Light a room up with a single standard bulb and it will look stark, with a lack of atmosphere. But soft layered lighting adds an ambient touch to your space and is becoming increasingly popular. One of the key highlights of the trend is the ease with which it allows you to create different zones in your space. Layering lighting can add warmth and cosiness to a space. So how can you champion the trend? This kind of lighting should be layered by illuminated pockets on the walls, striking linear lines in your floor lamps to zone areas for their function and style, and oversized pendants hanging from the ceiling for added drama. A play of different sizes, structures and lights help to add depth. Agreeing with the trend Neha and Sachin share a useful tip, “A chandelier is not the only source of light in a room. It needs accompanying artists to help it to stage the drama. The focus is on layered lighting to create magical environments, for which one needs to invest in multiple light sources that orchestrate a beautiful ambience. With a layered scheme, the lighting and mood can be changed according to the occasion.  So, more and more people are complementing the chandelier with recessed LED lighting or track lights to evenly illuminate the room.”
Sustainable Lighting  
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Art Deco Collection by Orange Tree
Nature remains in focus this season, and sustainability is the talk of the hour. Neha and Sachin are of the opinion that “materials like the age-old brass and sparkling crystals to metals in sophisticated finishes, steel and humble bamboo and rattan are being fashioned into refined designs.” Hence, it’s no surprise to see the uptake in the use of woven materials like rattan and bamboo in particular. Lighting is also shifting its focus to incorporate chandeliers made from recycled steel and lights made using rattan and bamboo, cane and linen, and plenty of other materials that are considered environmentally friendly. Fixtures made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled glass are eco-friendly choices and help reduce your carbon footprint as well.  Pendants Galore
A staple lighting style for the kitchen and living room, pendant lighting has seamlessly taken over the world. While pendants are an ever-popular choice, quirkier lighting fixtures are taking centre stage. From dramatic chandeliers to modern linear works of art, the new pendant lights allow a flow of creativity. Exaggerated and artistic pendants are often added to a room to create a focal centrepiece, but this season designers are matching the pendants to the colour of the walls for a monochromatic look.
Smart Lighting  
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CVL available at Sources Unlimited
Technology has taken over almost every sphere of our life, and hence it’s no surprise that it’s seeped into the world of lighting. Smart lighting is a key trend for 2023 and champions fixtures that can be controlled via a smartphone. These allow complete control over the atmosphere and energy consumption of your home. Further, you can create ambient lighting suited to your activity and even schedule when you’d like the lights turned off or on. e trend of digitalisation and smart solutions. Is progressing at a fast pace feels Jiri… “, especially with AI and related technological solutions, which escalated further with the Covid-19 crisis. All our lights are compatible with smart technologies, and we also work with dynamic lighting, which can react to music, movement or temperature. We have installations where you can change colours and effects as well as where light reacts to a certain sound. This can be a clink of two glasses or the sound of a piano. We have an installation at a wine bar in a spa resort, which reacts once the glasses touch.”
 Wall Sconce Lighting 
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Pendant lighting by Sans Souci
Sconces are a popular trend for those who are short on space. Replacing floor lamps, these wall sconces are adjustable and have overarching styles that can be tucked out of the way when not needed. Whether you’re looking for attractive fixtures to complement your decor or need something stylish to illuminate a specific side table or your favourite reading chair, there is a decorative wall sconce for all. From ultra-modern adjustable bedroom lamps to rustic farmhouse lights for the kitchen, there’s something here to complement any interior. However, these elements are often employed to light up the corners and the rest of the areas to complete the look and feel of the duo at Beyond Designs.
Backlit Mirrors  
Backlit mirrors add the beauty of layered lighting into your bathroom seamlessly. Not only does this give the room more visual interest, but it also allows you to customize the atmosphere to suit your needs. From customising it to brighter light for applying makeup to creating a subtle setting while soaking in the tub, you can experiment to suit your desires.
Natural Light  
However, the biggest trend is undoubtedly natural light, because the beauty of this cannot be taken away by anyone. Large bay windows will always be a key trend for modern homes since nature’s light source plays an important role in the aesthetics of a room as well as our health and wellness. Leave windows without curtains or choose curtains that are lightweight and slightly transparent, for the most soothing effect.
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