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June 21, 2024

#Lockdown: Couturier Kresha Bajaj curates a list of the best lifestyle podcasts

Pratishtha Rana

While the world is locked in, we ask the talented fashion designer Kresha Bajaj what she has been up to these days.
What is your everyday lockdown routine like?
My morning starts with spending some quality time with my family and dogs, after which I chalk out my work-from-home schedule, which mostly comprises brainstorming new ideas with different departments of my team on a video conference call.
My workday ends at 7 pm after which I fit in a quick 45-minute work out session with my husband Vanraj. Next, we cook dinner together, watch our favourite shows until and catch up with friends in different parts of the world via video calls.
Kresha Bajaj- Instagram
Kresha Bajaj / Instagram
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What are you listening to currently?
I have discovered an amazing list of podcasts, thanks to Chinmayee Manjunath, who we work closely with; she is a content & communication strategist, and a contributing editor with Harpers Bazaar. She contributed this list to our KB Five series that we have been curating on our official brand page.
Fashion no filter podcast
Fashion No Filter podcast
The podcasts are – Fashion No Filter, Radio Cherry Bombe, The Goop Podcast, Superwomen by Rebecca Minkoff and Second Life by Hillary Kerr. As for music, my go-to are James Vincent McMorrow and Sufjan Stevens.
What are you binge-watching currently?
I love nature and wildlife documentaries. So, that is usually what I watch on all portals, and they inspire me while creating a collection. But to be honest, I am watching 24 for the 6th time at the moment. It is my all-time favourite show and it makes me nostalgic about my university days. It has been great to get some time to binge-watch all my favourite seasons.
Could you suggest a few DIY hacks to try at home?
As we are in the middle of this lockdown, I think it is really important to use our time to do things that we have been putting aside, like reorganising our space. We just did a series on using an old body lotion bottle to create a pen stand on our KB Five series, which was highly appreciated. Few other things that families can bond over is to create artworks using waste materials.
Kresha Bajaj
What would you like to buy when the lockdown is lifted?
There isn’t anything currently on my list. I think the key is to look for investment pieces because I’ve never been a fan of fast fashion and now more so than ever. If time and situation permit, I definitely would want to go diving (Scuba diving). That is one thing that I miss!
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How will luxury consumption in India and the world change post the pandemic?
The world is going to change more than we could have ever imagined, and as the pandemic escalates, I don’t think we can really predict accurately what the exact impact may be. We all need to take this as a wake-up call and change our lives to benefit not only ourselves but our planet as well.
I expect more educated purchases. Quality will supersede quantity. I think everyone will wonder if they really need a fast fashion item at such times. I expect the luxury market to grow and frivolous purchases to slowly die down. I hope that the world stops wastage and think twice about what’s best for the environment and our future.

Pratishtha Rana


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