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June 13, 2024

An addition to the most expensive spirits in the world: This 24 Carat gin has pure gold in it

The world of luxury spirits has a new addition; a unique gin that blends in 24k gold. Originated in the UK, this limited-edition dry gin by 24 Carat Gin is stored in a sleek, gorgeous bottle and packed in a black hard-case.
24 Carat Gin with pure 24k gold
24 Carat Gin
Handcrafted by a team of gin maestros, this exceptional golden tonic combines 60 per cent Proof Gin with aromatic flavours of juniper, coriander, cardamom, anise seed, French lavender and orange citrus. Finally, drops of 24k gold liquid are added to it and distilled in a hand-beaten copper pot still.
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The gin is silky yet crisp with a balanced hint of various ingredients the gold gin is laced with. It is suggested that this liquid is best enjoyed over the rocks!
24 Carat Gin wuth pure 24k gold
24 Carat Gin with pure 24k gold
According to the brand, this fine spirit clocks up to 120 hours in the production process. Each bottle is carefully customised to deliver the best of opulence to the consumers.
However, one factor that interestingly remains a secret to its buyers is the location of where this 24k gin is made in the UK.
24 Carat Gin with pure 24k gold
24 Carat Gin
Priced at $1350 (approximately ₹1 lakh), the gin can only be pre-ordered.
You can sign up for your 24 Carat Gin here.


Pratishtha Rana


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